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Show Automotive Preview CHINAPLAS 2017 Preview CHINAPLAS 2017, Asia’s No. 1 plastics and rubber trade fair, is an end-user-oriented trade fair focusing on “Intelligent Manufacturing, High-tech Materials and Green Solutions”. This certainly includes bioplastics. Since its debut in 1983, CHINAPLAS has been dedicated to satisfying the demands of customers in the key end markets, including automotive, building and construction, packaging, electrical and electronics, information technology, telecommunications and medical. The last edition of CHINAPLAS successfully welcomed 148,575 visitors, among which 39,454 were overseas visitors from over 160 countries and regions. As an influential event, CHINAPLAS always strives to present state-of-the-art technology and products that can be used to help companies in those industries to innovate and operate more efficiently, sustainably and competitively. Environmentally friendly packaging is a global hot topic when talking about sustainable development. The packaging industry tends to adopt lightweight, thin films, biobased and biodegradable materials, and package constructions that resist water, oxygen, air and ultraviolet rays. Exhibitors at the show will be displaying examples of all such materials for the packaging industry. In addition, packaging related machinery and automation equipment will be centre stage, to include injection moulding and extrusion technologies that deliver high-barrier end products, automatic detection equipment, and multilayer film technology. A specially dedicated Bioplastics Zone will be located in Hall 12.2. On the following pages bioplastics MAGAZINE presents some of the highlights including a floorplan By: that shall help visitors find the related bioplastics Jacek exhibitors Leciński, quick Andrea and Siebert-Raths easy. Daniela Jahn and Jessica Rutz Institute CHINAPLAS for Bioplastics 2017 and will take place from 16-19 May 2017 Biocomposites at the China Import and Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, University Guangzhou, of Applied PR Sciences China. and Arts, Hannover, Germany Sogreen Technology Co., Ltd. After years of accumulated research and development, Sogreen Technology Company (Beijing, PR China) has developed a group of biopolymer products with independent intellectual property rights. Compared with conventional plastics, PHA has its unique advantages: Firstly, it has good biocompatibility and biodegradability. Secondly, it offers good barrier properties which can be used in the fresh-keeping bags; The third advantage is its good UV stability; Finally, PHA can be produced with low energy consumption and low emissions. For these excellent properties, PHA material has many applications With implementation of the green manufacturing, green development policy, MIIT (The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), organizes the China National Institute of Standardization and industry associations to carry out the evaluation work for green design product. Through the release of a green design product list, enterprises are guided to strengthen the whole life cycle green management, develop green production, promote green consumption and promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing. As a biobased biodegradable material, since November 2016, PHA has entered the second batch of the green design products raw materials list. This means that the product containing PHA raw materials, raw materials in the process of evaluation of PHA parts can directly pass the evaluation. The products can be marketed using the green product design logo. During the CHINAPLAS 2017, Sogreen Technology company will showcase a range of biobased products based on PHA materials. They will show solutions of certified compostable and biobased polymers for mulch film, shopping bags, organic waste bags and packaging in the Bioplastics Zone of Hall No 12.2. 12.2P31 20 36 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/17] Vol. 12

Show Automotive Preview NatureWorks The increasing popularity of single serve beverage systems for coffee, tea, and now soft drinks raises the question of how best to prevent spent capsules ending up in landfills. For several years, NatureWorks, compounders, converters, and coffee companies have engaged in a comprehensive research and development effort, using Ingeo to solve the many technical challenges presented in making a capsule the meets the temperature requirements for both the drip and high pressure platforms while maintaining compostability. NatureWorks shows at Chinaplas a range of successful Ingeo implementations of compostable pods. The technical achievements in films, rigid capsule bodies, and nonwovens, used for filtration, has opened new pathways to achieve success in both coffee platforms. The company features new solutions in transparent form, fill, and seal (FFS) cups for dairy and dessert packaging. These cups feature transparency that showcases the natural products inside, stiffness for break apart applications, material reduction, and they can be processed on existing machines, making this a cost-effective performance solution. Newly developed Ingeo 3D870 grade for industrial 3D filament that rivals ABS heat and impact resistance will be on display for the first time. NatureWorks also showcases new injection molded food service ware, new fibers, new high barrier property films, and more. 12.2M35 14 JinHui ZhaoLong Being the largest producer of biodegradable polymer in China, JinHui ZhaoLong High Technology Co.,Ltd (herein after referred to as JinHui ZhaoLong) is established in 2012 and located in Shanxi Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone, the production capacity for biodegradable plastics is 20,000 tonnes/a. JinHui ZhaoLong has successively launched both Ecoworld biodegradable polymer brand and Ecowill biodegradable polymer compound brand and received a number of authoritive certifications in the biodegradable industry both in China and abroad. It corresponds with American and European food contact safety standards, EN13432 and ASTM6400D standards. Its shelf life is 12 months under the condition of being stored in sealed packages. It can ensure a storage life of 12 months after being processed into finished products. Ecoword biodegradable plastic can be broken down by microorganism into CO 2 , H 2 O and high quality organic fertilizers within 180 days under composting conditions without generating any poisonous gas. It is the main raw material for biodegradable plastic films which can help reducing white pollution. In contrast to conventional plastics, Ecowill allows its final plastic products to possess both biological (biodegradable and compostable) and physical (printable and weldable) advantages at the same time. Ecowill had been widely applied to industrial and agricultural sectors, such as shopping bags, garbage bags, food packages and mulch films etc. 12.2R35 12 Doill Ecotec As a leading WPC and Master Batch manufacturer in South Korea, Doill Ecotec Co., Ltd. will be participating in Chinaplas 2017. The company will be presenting WPC Compound as its main exhibit. Doill Ecotec’s WPC Compound is tailored to use for three different moldings, extrusion injection and blow-molding. It is 100% recyclable and ecofriendly as it reduces the total amount of rubbish by using wood flour, which usually is thrown away. With moisture content as low as 0.3%, WPC provide different texture and appearance compared to conventional plastics. Doill is the world’s first in developing WPC Compound for Blow-molding. Doill’s WPC is not only used for extrusion in producing decking board and walls, Doill’s WPC Compound for injection is used in different products including cosmetic containers and brush handles. In while so, Doill also provides Wood Pattern Master Batch and ASA Compound for various applications. 12.2L21 3 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/17] Vol. 12 37

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