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Interpack Preview

Interpack Preview Synprodo BioFoam ® is a patented foam produced by Synbra (The Netherlands) made from organic raw materials. It has a similar structure and properties to Airpop ® (expanded polystyrene). Synbra Group companies such as Isobouw, Synprodo and Styropack are using this material in series production for the white goods sector, ice cream packaging and pharmaceutical sector, amongs others. It is a durable material that can be used long-term in nearly all technical and packaging applications. Bases on renewable resources, BioFoam is extremely environmentally friendly. After use BioFoam can be either reformed into a new foam product or recycled into solid PLA. Besides that it is got the unique possibility to be fully composted. Since 2009 BioFoam is a C2CCM (Silver) certified foam – the first foam to obtain this certification. It is already used in many applications and has become a driver for production innovation within many industries. During the past years there has been a widespread recognition for BioFoam. 9 / E03 22 NatureWorks The increasing popularity of single serve beverage systems for coffee, tea, and now soft drinks raises the question of how best to prevent spent capsules ending up in landfills. For several years, NatureWorks, compounders, converters, and coffee companies have engaged in Europe and North America on a comprehensive research and development effort, using Ingeo to solve the many technical challenges presented in making a capsule the meets the temperature requirements for both the drip and high pressure platforms while maintaining compostability. NatureWorks shows at Interpack a range of successful Ingeo implementations of compostable pods. The technical achievements in films, rigid capsule bodies, and nonwovens, used for filtration, has opened new pathways to achieve success in both coffee platforms. The company features additional new solutions. On display, will be transparent form, fill, and seal (FFS) cups for dairy and dessert packaging. These cups feature transparency that showcases the natural products inside, stiffness for break apart applications, material reduction, and processing on existing FFS machines make this Ingeo solution a winner and must see at Interpack. NatureWorks also showcases new high barrier property films and other recent packaging developments. 9 / G11 17 Futamura Futamura will be showcasing its full range of biodegradable and compostable NatureFlex films for flexible packaging applications. NatureFlex films are produced from sustainable wood pulp harvested from managed plantations and are certified to both EU (EN13432) and US (ASTM D6400) composting standards. In addition to industrial composting, the product has reached the standard required for home composting. Futamura’s unique base film and coating technologies have been harnessed to provide unparalleled gas and moisture barrier properties without compromising either the levels of renewable raw materials employed, or the final compostability of the packaging material. This excellent barrier is also highly effectively against the migration of mineral oil from paper-board packaging. NatureFlex films are suitable for many different types of flexible packaging solutions such as pouches, flow wrap and labels, within a variety of markets including bakery, coffee and tea, snacks and confectionery, to industrial applications. BioPBS have several key certificates, for example biobased (DIN Certco, USDA), Compostable (BPI, OK Compost, OK Biodegradable in soil, OK Compost HOME) and Food safety (Complies with EU directives 10/2011). 9 / F05 10 JinHui ZhaoLong Being the largest producer of biodegradable polymer in China, JinHui ZhaoLong High Technology Co.,Ltd (herein after referred to as JinHui ZhaoLong)is established in 2012 and located in Shanxi Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone, the production capacity for biodegradable plastics is 20,000mts/yr. JinHui ZhaoLong has successively launched both Ecoworld biodegradable polymer brand and Ecowill biodegradable polymer compound brand and received a number of authoritive certifications in the biodegradable industry both in China and abroad. It corresponds with American and European food contact safety standards, EN13432 and ASTM6400D standards. Its shelf life is 12 months under the condition of being stored in sealed packages. It can ensure a storage life of 12 months after being processed into finished products. Ecoword biodegradable plastic can be broken down by microorganism into CO 2 , H 2 O and high quality organic fertilizers within 180 days under composting conditions without generating any poisonous gas. It is the main raw material for biodegradable plastic films which can help reducing white pollution. In contrast to conventional plastics, Ecowill allows its final plastic products to possess both biological (biodegradable and compostable) and physical (printable and weldable) advantages at the same time. Ecowill had been widely applied to industrial and agricultural sectors, such as shopping bags, garbage bags, food packages and mulch films etc. 9 / E06 13 34 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/17] Vol. 12

Organiser Venue & Accomodation Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany Kardinal-Frings-Str. 1–3, 50668 Cologne +49 (0)221 163 10, Contact Dominik Vogt Conference Manager +49 (0)2233 4814-49 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WORLDWIDE BIOECONOMY • Policy and Markets • Standardisation, Labelling and Certifications • Innovation Award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2017” • Bio-based Building Blocks and Platform Chemicals • Oleochemicals and Bio-based Polymers • Start-Ups The 10 th International Conference on Bio-based Materials is aimed at providing international major players from the bio-based building blocks, polymers and industrial biotechnology industries with an opportunity to present and discuss their latest developments and strategies. The conference builds on successful previous conferences: 250 participants and 30 exhibitors mainly from industry are expected. Find more information at: Taghleef Industries Taghleef Industries, a leading international manufacturer of specialized packaging films, will be showcasing its NATIVIA ® range of bio-based and compostable films. NATIVIA films come in a variety of aesthetic appearances (transparent, solid white and white voided) and have technical characteristics such as mineral oil barrier and excellent dead fold. They are manufactured from Ingeo Polylactic Acid (PLA), a bioplastic derived from plant-based sugars such as corn starch or sugarcane, meaning it is made from 100 % renewable raw materials. NATIVIA NESS is the newly developed white voided film containing second generation starch derived from derived from waste water of the potato processing industry. This film recently helped Taghleef, along with Mars, Rodenburg and Mondi, win the 11 th Global Bioplastics Award 2016 for a chocolate bar wrapper developed for Mars and Snickers bars packaging. With thicknesses of 40 and 50 µm, NATIVIA NESS has a white pearlescent appearance, good opacity, high yield, is heat sealable (MST= 85°C) and cold seal receptive. 9 / A21 23 Quality meets Quality at the new Peeze biobased coffee packaging Bio4Pack GmbH • PO Box 5007 • D-48419 Rheine • Germany T +49 (0) 5975 955 94 57 • F +49 (0) 5975 955 94 58 bioplastics • MAGAZINE [02/17] Vol. 12 35

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