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NATURE PROTECTION WITH BIOPLASTIC Young trees are very susceptible to animal nibble damage during their initial growth phase and therefore require some special protection. To preserve the sensitive trunk from wildlife, CSX has developed a tree protector using an EN 13432 certifi ed bioplastic from FKuR. This tree protector does not need to be collected after use and instead will biodegrade in soil afterwards. To make it easy to adjust the size on the young tree trunk, the tree protector is supplied on reels. Optimal ventilation is achieved by a special hole structure which also prevents insect infestation and rotting of the trunk. Major damage is not only a threat to young plants in nature but also in urban environments. In particular, a dry soil in the inner city areas and lack of water may cause growth problems for young trees. Here CSX offers a sustainable solution by using a water reservoir made from an EN 13432 certifi ed bioplastic from FKuR. This makes it possible to leave the reservoir in the ground for further biodegradation after its functional life. The reservoir is placed around the tree with one part underground and the remaining edge above ground. This ensures that the water will almost always reach the roots. In addition to effi cient irrigation, the reservoir also ensures protection against de-icing salt and mowing damage.

Editorial dear readers It’s spring again, and before us lies a busy time. It starts with interpack, the world’s biggest packaging trade show, which takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany from May 4 -10. A comprehensive preview including a detachable Show Guide with floorplan can be found on pp.28-35. interpack will be opened this year on May 4 th by our bio!PAC conference on biobased packaging. The conference is organized by bioplastics MAGAZINE, in cooperation with Green Serendipity, in the form of a breakfast conference (the same format as the Bioplastics Business Breakfast event at K’2016). Register now to reserve your seat. And following hard on the heels of interpack is the annual Chinaplas trade fair, which this year is being held in Guangzhou. Our show preview with Show Guide and floorplan can be found on pp. 36-39. In our new series about how well the concept of bioplastics is known and understood by regular people (i.e. consumers) in the various regions and countries of the world, this time we took a look at the attitudes in Germany and Austria. Thiy survey is part of our “DACH”-Special (see below). The other highlight topics of this issue include Thermoforming / Rigid Packaging and Bioplastics in Agriculture / Horticulture. In the Basics section, we address the topic of Biodegradability/Compostability standard and certification. And finally, I’d like to draw your attention to our fall conference: at the end of September, Stuttgart, Germany will again be the place to be for all involved in automotive applications. The Call for Papers for the second edition of bio!CAR is already open (see p. 44). It’s also not too early to submit proposals for the 2017 edition of the Global Bioplastics Award. If you have a product or service that deserves to be recognized with this award or - which, of course, is also fine - you know someone who does, please let us know. Meanwhile, I hope to see you somewhere soon. Until then, please enjoy reading this latest issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE. Sincerely yours Michael Thielen BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE BIOPLASTIC CONTROLLED, innovative, GUARANTEED QUALITY OUR TOP PRIORITY Using the MATER-BI trademark licence means that NOVAMONT’s partners agree to comply with strict quality parameters and testing of random samples from the market. These are designed to ensure that films are converted under ideal conditions and that articles produced in MATER-BI meet a l essential requirements. To date over 1000 products have been tested. THE GUARANTEE OF AN ITALIAN BRAND MATER-BI is part of a virtuous production system, undertaken entirely on Italian territory. It enters into a production chain that involves everyone, from the farmer to the composter, from the converter via the retailer to the consumer. USED FOR ALL TYPES OF WASTE DISPOSAL MATER-BI has unique, environmenta ly-friendly properties. It is biodegradable and compostable and contains renewable raw materials. It is the ideal solution for organic waste co lection bags and is organica ly recycled into fertile compost. theoriginal_R8_bioplasticmagazine_flagEBC_11.12-2016_210x297_ese.indd 1 18/01/17 11:19 r8_03.2016 bioplastics MAGAZINE Vol. 12 ISSN 1862-5258 Basics Biodegradability Certification | 48 Highlights Rigid Packaging | 12 Bioplastics in Agriculture | 22 JinHui ZhaoLong is promoting biodegradable green packages in China | 10 Mar / Apr 02 | 2017 DACH-Special Preview ... is read in 92 countries DACH is an apronym that comprises the three countries where the German language is spoken (Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH = Confoederatio Helvetica). In Switzerland also Italian, French and Schwiizerdütsch (special allemannic dialects) are spoken. The DACH-countries also form the biggest part of the so-called German language area. This German language area also includes Belgium, Luxemburg and Liechtenstein as well as the north Italian province of South Tyrol. (Source: Wikipedia) bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/17] Vol. 12 3

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