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Basics Pioneer in

Basics Pioneer in biobased packaging Biobased Packaging Innovations opens Information & Expo Centre in Amsterdam Biobased packaging expert Caroli Buitenhuis has set up an Information & Expo Centre in Amsterdam for retailers and brand owners interested in biobased packaging materials. Its aim: to promote the adoption of biobased materials whilst providing essential answers about the methods, the risks and the advantages. Pioneer in biobased packaging “Retailers, brand owners, production companies, packaging wholesalers or marketing managers: everyone is welcome at our new Information & Expo Centre in Amsterdam. We have spent a number of years collecting expert knowledge and insights which are vital to helping companies convert from traditional packaging to sustainable alternatives,” explains Buitenhuis. “Now we want to share this information and inspire others.” The new Information & Expo Centre has an exhibition space for companies interested in developing a sustainable packaging concept. Visitors can see what the new materials look like, how they feel and what their barrier properties and sealing capabilities are. Experts are on hand to explain how other companies have converted to these new materials and the effect this has on existing production processes, purchasing and operating costs. “We can explain why the material price might be higher, but on the other side of the coin, there are also financial benefits, lower taxes for bioplastic packaging in the Netherlands for example, as well as increased margins.” To help visitors to relate to the material’s applications, Buitenhuis has chosen a supermarket design with products displayed in familiar product groups. Every item has been given a label with the materials used, the manufacturer and the supplier. “We want visitors to come here to kickstart their research. We want to help them discover the best ways of redeveloping their current packaging lines, and we want to give them a place to come for inspiration and ideas in combination with expert knowledge and advice on biobased packaging. We want to be pioneers in biobased plastics.” Growing acceptance There is a growing number of companies willing to adopt sustainability as part of their core values. Consumers are also increasingly willing to pay more for “honest” concepts. These are products that combine sustainability from production all the way up the supply chain to biobased packaging and responsible end-of-life solutions. “The concept needs to be comprehensive, but increased sales prices do make it more feasible for producers to convert. It is an investment, but one that has been proven to gain consumer confidence.” Caroli Buitenhuis Independent advice Biobased Packaging Innovations provides specialist knowledge and information, research and innovation to the packaging industry. It actively promotes the adoption of biobased materials both within the Netherlands and internationally, and helps connect industry supply and demand. By doing so, this pioneering organisation hopes to accelerate biobased innovations into the future. “We are not funded by the packaging industry and therefore offer wholly-independent consultancy, research and advice. We want to help more organisations combine product, packaging and brand image as a single and sustainable concept, from harvest to end-of-life and back again. That is our mission.” bio PAC Conference on biobased packaging 12/13 May 2015 Amsterdam Biobased Packaging Innovations is cooperation partner for the organization of the bio!PAC conference in Amsterdam 52 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/15] Vol. 10

MICROPLASTIC IN THE ENVIRONMENT Sources, Impacts & Solutions 23 - 24 November 2015 Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany The microplastic conference will: • Identify sources of microplastics and quantify the amount ending up in nature • Reveal impacts on marine ecosystems and human beings • Propose solutions for current problems, such as prevention, recycling and biopolymers The conference will provide plenty of scope for discussion between producers, consumers, scientists, environmental organisations, governmental agencies and other interested stakeholders. Your Contact: Dominik Vogt Conference Management & Sponsorship +49 (0)2233 4814 - 49 nova-Institut GmbH Chemiepark Knapsack Industriestr. 300 50354 Huerth, Germany ++ 150 international participants expected ++ ++ 15% early bird discount till end of May ++ Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Chemistry and Polymers 29 – 30 September 2015, Essen (Germany) 4 t h Conference Team Michael Carus CEO Barbara Dommermuth Programme, Poster session +49 (0)2233 4814-56 Dominik Vogt Conference Manager, Organisation, Exhibition, Sponsoring +49 (0)2233 4814-49 Jutta Millich Partners & Media Partners +49 (0)561 503580-44 For the 4 th year in a row, the nova-Institute will organize the conference „Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Chemistry and Polymers“ on 29 - 30 September 2015 in the “Haus der Technik” in Essen, Germany. CO 2 as chemical feedstock is a big challenge and chance for sustainable chemistry. Over the last few years, the rise of this topic has developed from several research projects and industrial applications to become more and more dynamic, especially in the fields of solar fuels (power-to-fuel, power-to-gas) – but also in CO 2 -based chemicals and polymers. Several players are very active and will showcase some enhanced and also new applications using carbon dioxide as feedstock. The conference will be the biggest event on Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) in 2015. Attending this conference will be invaluable for businessmen and academics who wish to get a full picture of how this new and exciting scenario is unfolding, as well as providing an opportunity to meet the right business or academic partners for future alliances. Free booth – only a 2-days conference entrance ticket is needed! Early Bird Reduction of 15% until the end of April 2015. Discount code: earlybird2015 More information can be found at Venue Haus der Technik e.V. Hollestr. 1 45127 Essen, Germany Tel: +49 (0) 201/18 03-1 Organiser nova-Institute Chemiepark Knapsack Industriestraße 300 50354 Hürth, Germany

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