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bioplasticsMAGAZINE_1502 Material-News 02/2015 APRIL/MAY 02/2015 März Die komplette Typenreihe, Top-Qualität, optimale Verfügbarkeit, hervorragender Service und die Expertise plettes Produktprogramm an Rußen zu erfahren. Folgen Sie dem QR-Code, um mehr über unser kom- und Kompetenz eines lokalen Anbieters. LUVOMAXX Weitere Infos und Details finden Sie unter ist Ihr Experte für chinesische Ruße in Europa. March 23-27, 2015 West Hall, Booth # W3729, Orlando, FL, United States We are there for you: 100%! With specialized custom GLS TPE formulations we can meet your tough material challenges. Enhanced aesthetics Superior durability Overmolding grades Visit to make it possible. Volume 7, March 2015 Natural Fibre LFT for Lightweighting NetComposites (Bridge Way, Chesterfield, UK) has developed injection mouldable long fibre thermoplastic (LFT) Flax/PP and Jute/PP pellets. The pellets, made using pultrusion technology and commingled yarns, offer a competitive alternative to glass LFT and continuous fibre composites whilst having a number of benefits. The natural fibres offer a stiffness comparable to glass resulting in pellets which are low weight, capable of complex moulding geometries, offer good impact and creep resistance and improved performance over alternative shortfibre materials. The pellets are ideally suited to light-weighting applications such as automotive interiors. NetComposites is currently working with an automotive trim supplier to develop an interior panel using Flax/PP pellets. The materials have a specific modulus comparable with that of glass fibres, but ~ 40 % lighter. Other LFT variants are in development such as novel polymer reinforced polymer (PRP) pellets with a PET reinforcement and PP matrix. These offer another lightweight and highly impact-resistant alternative to glass/PP products. SEEING POLYMERS WITH DIFFERENT EYES... POLYURETHANES MAGAZINE INTERNATION A L Utech Europe 2015 preview Interview: A. Robinson, W. Koonce, N. Wilmot, Dow Flame retardants for PU rigid foams PU wet press moulding Thermoplastic polyurethanes F O R U M F Ü R D I E P O LY U R E T H A N I N D U S T R I E PU MAGAZIN Die weltweite PU-Industrie 2014/2015 Utech Europe 2015 Vorschau Ze lstruktur von PU-Weichschäumen Halogenfreie Flammschutzmittel Faserverbundwerkstoffe mit PU Crashsimulation für FVK Schnelle Permeabilitätsmessung Perfluorelastomere Carbonfasern aus alternativen Rohstoffen Fachmagazin für die Polymerindustrie Elastomerprodukte für Öl und Gas Magazine for the Polymer Industry Extrusion of SBR compounds Elastomers at temperature extremes Low temperature FKM Model predictive control OBSH decomposition kinetics global automotive markets a new tpe class tpe foams based on recycled rubber olefin block copolymers membranes Thermoplastic Elastomers You can — when you work with PolyOne. magazine international What if you could design without limits? Colours Colours and and Additives Additives for for Polyurethanes Polyureth Sealing Solutions 68. Jahrgang, März 2015 03| 2015 Volume 10, January 2015 01| 2015 1| 2015 Contact us to learn more about subscriptions, advertising opportunities, editorial specials … Our technical magazines and books create your expertise 46 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/15] Vol. 10 P. O. Box 10 13 30 · 40833 Ratingen/Germany · Tel. +49 2102 9345-0 · Fax +49 2102 9345-20

io CAR CALL fOR PAPers now OPen Biobased materials for automotive applications conference 24.-25. September 2015 Stuttgart » The amount of plastics in modern cars is constantly increasing. » Plastics and composites help achieving light-weighting targets. » Plastics offer enormous design opportunities. » Plastics are important for the touch-and-feel and the safety of cars. BUT: consumers, suppliers in the automotive industry and OEMs are more and more looking for biobased alternatives to petroleum based materials. That‘s why bioplastics MAGAZINE is organizing this new conference on biobased materials for the automotive industry. Media Partner supported by

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