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Show Preview Weifang Huawei New Materials Technology Weifang Huawei New Materials Technology presents PSB (a PLA - Starch - Bentontie Material), which is a new environmentally friendly material that can be used in the main fields of processing, such as foaming, injection moulding and extrusion. PSB can be processed well on existing traditional plastic-processing equipment. The material is designed to replace traditional plastics in many fields of application, such as industrial, medicine, cosmetic, food, electronic products, tableware, household items, children-toys, gardening, farming, and much more… 12.2R05 22 Ahlstrom food bowls NatureWorks From 3D printer filaments to compostable cutlery to baby toys, NatureWorks reveals at Chinaplas a variety of new products clearly demonstrating that Ingeo polylactide has evolved into a practical and safe replacement for a broad range of styrenics in terms of performance, price, and eco profile. The NatureWorks booth will present the latest Ingeo high heat/high impact innovations specially developed for 3D printing. The new high heat/high impact Ingeo formulation provides performance on a par with typical injection molded ABS, while at the same time delivering lower overall environmental impact and a more user friendly 3D printing experience. NatureMold from Ahlstrom is a new line of frozen, fresh, and semi-fresh food bowls that provide an alternative to aluminum and plastic. NatureMold bowls can go from freezer to microwave to dining table. Södra, the sustainable forestry cooperative in Sweden, and James Cropper Plc, a leading specialty paper and nonwovens company in the UK, recently developed a first of its kind wood pulp and Ingeo material that performs similarly to petroleum-based plastics. DuraPulp is lightweight, strong, and capable of being used in a host of applications from high-end packaging to horticultural supplies to automotive components. In addition NatureWorks will be showing product and application examples from Bioserie (Ingeo- PLA based baby toys), The Country Fresh Company (thermoformed four-cup multipack for individually portioned snacks of fruit or vegetables), Dairy Home from Thailand (yogurt cups), Natural Shield (Ingeo bags that are only eight microns thick) NHH Biodegradable Established in 2007, NHH Biodegradable Plastics Co. Ltd. is committed to offer a comprehensive range of tailor-made biodegradable/environmentally friendly compounded plastic resins for a wide scope of applications in the plastics industry. Without the addition of any conventional plastic, more than 90 % organic components of the biodegradable plastics will break down to form carbon dioxide and water in the compost environments in 180 days, as depicted in EN 13432 or ASTM D6400. NHH’s competent research team is not only strongly backed up by the Group’s R&D Centre, but also carries out collaborative research projects with academic institutes and companies having similar missions and objectives. Such collaborative effort and perseverance have made it possible for the company to successfully launch in recent years their new products with unique properties. 11.2A11 12.2L31 15 32 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/15] Vol. 10

Show Preview Binhai Jinxiang Chemical Auxiliaries Binhai Jinxiang Chemical Auxiliaries Co., Ltd, located in the Binhai Coastal chemical industrial park of Jiangsu Province, is a subsidiary of the Feixiang Group. The plant covers an area of 20,000 m 2 with perfect support facilities and convenient transportation. Binhai Jinxiang Chemical Auxiliaries is specialized in R&D, manufacture and sales of UV absorbers, hindered amine light stabilizers, antioxidants, photo-initiators, phosphorous flame retardant, auxiliary raw material, etc. With years pursuing excellent product quality, their products are highly praised by customers. The key products are FENTASORB 531: a highperformance anti-ageing agent that can absorb 240 – 340 nm ultraviolet radiation. It can protect polymers and is widely used in PE, PVC, PP, PS, PC. FENTAUNIV 1130 is recommended for both solvent and water based coatings such as automotive coatings, industrial coatings and trade sales coatings. FENTASTAB 770 is to be used in polypropylene, impact modified PP (TPO), EPDM, polystyrene, ABS and polyurethanes. FENTASTAB 292 can be applied with paint, coatings, printing ink, polyurethane paint, etc. FENTAPHOS TPO is recommended to be used in printing ink, adhesives, wood coating, acrylic triesters, etc. And finally FENTAPHOS TPO-L, a kind of highly efficient liquid photo-initiators is basically used in the curing of resins and coatings. 12.2M31 2 Hangzhou Seemore Hangzhou Seemore New Material Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Seemore), offers leading-edge technological innovations that allow the manufacturing of biodegradable modified compounds and relative functional additives as well as the industrial applications. Seemore’s nucleating agent TMP3000 enables a breakthrough in crystallization time (22 seconds as the fastest) and heat resistant up to 100 °C while retaining transparency and brightness. As well as nucleating agents, Seemore provides a range of additives such as chain extenders, compatibilizers, melt enhancers, stabilizers etc. and also provide the ready-touse modified compounds for injection/extrusion/blowing etc. The latest applications of Seemore’s innovations are customized 3D printing filament and PLA filled quilt. As one of the most professional companies in PLA additives and the industrial applications field, Seemore is willing to share its R&D achievement with all of their friends in the PLA industry. 12.2R17 9 Grabio Greentech Corporation Established in 1999, Grabio Greentech Corporation has been dedicated since then to the development and manufacture of 100 % biodegradable and compostable starch plastics. Its products are GRABIO film grade and extruding grade resin and finished products. All GRABIO products fulfill EN13432 and ASTM D6400 standards and have received compostable certificates from EU, USA, and Japan. GRABIO film grade resin can be processed on conventional LDPE film blowing extruder to make film/bag products, such as shopping bags, garbage bags, compost bags, mulch film etc. Extrusion grade resin can be processed into seedling pot and tray. Use of biodegradable agricultural products can save retrieval cost of discarded mulch film and seedling pots, as well as preventing environmental pollution. At this year’s Chinaplas GRABIO will exhibit its different grades of film and extruding material lines. In addition, they will display their latest film grade material specifically meeting the Jilin Province plastic bag regulation with 35 % PLA content. GRABIO will provide local companies good business opportunities to enter the Jilin bioplastic bag market. 12.2R23 7 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/15] Vol. 10 33

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