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Caring for Nature PLANET

Caring for Nature PLANET PURE, a company that manufactures certified organic products, has chosen to use BRASKEM’ S GREEN PE, supplied by FKuR, for their softener, detergent and spray bottle solutions. PLANET PURE products are both natural and biodegradable. Therefore, by offering bio-based packaging, PLANET PURE has created a complete concept of sustainability and environmentalism. Regarding the material properties, processing, recycling and application, Green PE performs in exactly the same way as conventional oil-based PE. “Together we can change the world in a positive way.” Silvio Perpmer, founder and CEO PLANET PURE, For more information visit •

Editorial dear readers As I write these lines I am still in Orando, Florida (a much nicer place to be these days compared with cold and rainy Germany). Last week we attended NPE, the biggest North American trade show on plastics (see our show review on pp 34), and this week, luckily in Orlando too, there is the SUSTPACK conference on sustainable packaging (see p. 8). Interesting but not really a surprise, one of the big topics here is marine debris. On page 20 we have an article on the same topic, i.e. certification of marine degradability of plastic products. I personally like the idea mentioned in that article, i.e. if you have a product that is marine degradable, you should have it certified, but you should not label this on the final consumer product, because such a labelling could encourage people to litter. I know that this a controversially discussed topic. If you want to share your opinion with our readers … I would appreciate it. One other big topic in this issue is Chinaplas with a show preview and a Showguide in the centre of the magazine. The other editorial highlights include Polyurethanes / Elastomers and Rigid Packaging / Thermoforming. And so it just remains to remind you of our bio!PAC Conference on Biobased Packaging in May. We once again updated the programme and have now a total of 26 presentations plus a panel discussion on “Land use availability for renewably sourced materials”. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Amsterdam As usual this current issue is once again rounded off by lots of industry and applications news… bioplastics MAGAZINE Vol. 10 ISSN 1862-5258 Highlights Rigid Packaging | 16 Polyurethane / Elastomers | 22 Preview March / April 02 | 2015 Cover Story Shanxi JinHui Group ... is read in 91 countries Follow us on twitter! We hope you enjoy reading bioplastics MAGAZINE Sincerely yours Michael Thielen Like us on Facebook! bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/15] Vol. 10 3

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