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Issue 01/2023

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10 Years ago In January

10 Years ago In January 2023, Sarah Heine, CEO, EcoBeans / Biopolymer Network Limited , said: Published in bioplastics MAGAZINE Biopolymer Network Limited (BPN) has continued to focus on commercialising PLA foam as an alternative to expanded polystyrene. They now have commercial facilities and partners producing and selling the first commercial product, EcoBeans, PLA foamed beads used as bean bag fill and loose fill packaging, in New Zealand and Australia. They are also looking to set up production in Europe. It is expected that fish boxes will be available commercially within the next two to three months and samples are out with seafood companies. There is still huge demand for higher temperature resistant PLA foams and BPN is regularly contacted by companies around the globe looking for plant-based sustainable foams matching the performance standards of expanded polystyrene, particularly in insulation and impact resistance. BPN is now working on processing that will enable the research on high temperature foams to be commercialised at scale so they can add the high temperature resistant foams to their product range. 60 bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/23] Vol. 18

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