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Imprint Content Jan / Feb 01|2023 3 Editorial 5 News 52 Application News 56 Basics 60 10 years ago 62 Suppliers Guide 66 Companies in this issue Renewable Carbon Initiative 8 Renewable carbon plastics in EU policy 10 Policy action promoting sustainably sourced biobased plastic is needed now Automotive 16 Recycling technology high-quality carbon fibre 17 First automotive plastic parts from chemically recycled plastic waste 17 Flax based biocomposites 18 Biobased materials don’t lack behind 20 Tire made from sustainable material 21 Sustainable automotive interiors 22 Banana fibre composites for automotive interior 24 Bio-attributed vinyl car seats Materials 25 Lightweight and lower carbon footprint plastics 50 Upcycled Coffee Applications 30 It’s Not Easy Going Circular Toys 32 A vision for toys’ sustainable future 34 Biobased toys – the right communication is key 36 A real alternative to plastic? 38 Sustainable magnetic toys 40 The strive to use only sustainable materials 42 Changing the World toy by toy 44 Innovative collaboration for improved sustainability 45 Bioplastic toys for environmental awareness 46 A frontrunner takes position Events 12 EUBP Conference Review 14 bio!TOY 26 bio!PAC Cover Story 28 Research on biobased polyurethanes on-site 48 B4Plastics Publisher / Editorial Dr Michael Thielen (MT) Alex Thielen (AT) Samuel Brangenberg (SB) Head Office Polymedia Publisher GmbH Hackesstr. 99 41066 Mönchengladbach, Germany phone: +49 (0)2161 664864 fax: +49 (0)2161 631045 Media Adviser Samsales (German language) phone: +49(0)2161-6884467 fax: +49(0)2161 6884468 Michael Thielen (English Language) (see head office) Layout/Production Philipp Thielen Print Poligrāfijas grupa Mūkusala Ltd. 1004 Riga, Latvia bioplastics MAGAZINE is printed on chlorine-free FSC certified paper. bioplastics MAGAZINE Volume 18 - 2023 ISSN 1862-5258 bM is published 6 times a year. This publication is sent to qualified subscribers (179 Euro for 6 issues). bioplastics MAGAZINE is read in 100 countries. Every effort is made to verify all information published, but Polymedia Publisher cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions or for any losses that may arise as a result. All articles appearing in bioplastics MAGAZINE, or on the website are strictly covered by copyright. No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied, scanned, photographed and/or stored in any form, including electronic format, without the prior consent of the publisher. Opinions expressed in articles do not necessarily reflect those of Polymedia Publisher. bioplastics MAGAZINE welcomes contributions for publication. Submissions are accepted on the basis of full assignment of copyright to Polymedia Publisher GmbH unless otherwise agreed in advance and in writing. We reserve the right to edit items for reasons of space, clarity, or legality. Please contact the editorial office via The fact that product names may not be identified in our editorial as trademarks is not an indication that such names are not registered trademarks. bioplastics MAGAZINE tries to use British spelling. However, in articles based on information from the USA, American spelling may also be used. Envelopes A part of this print run is mailed to the readers wrapped bioplastic envelopes sponsored by Sidaplax/Plastic Suppliers Belgium/USA). Cover Juliette Jegou, AIMPLAS (Photo: Michael Thielen) @BIOPLASTICSMAG @BIOPLASTICSMAGAZINE SPEAKER AT bio!TOY 2023

Partnership to secure worldwide leadership in biorecycling of PET Carbios (Saint-Beauzire, France) and Novozymes (Bagsværd, Denmark), the world leader in biological solutions, recently announced an exclusive longterm global strategic partnership. This major agreement ensures the long-term production and supply of Carbios’ proprietary PETdegrading enzymes at an industrial scale for the world’s first biological PET-recycling plant due to start production in 2025 in Longlaville (France), as well as Carbios’ future licensee customers. Exclusive global partnership Carbios and Novozymes have had a partnership since 2019 to develop enzyme-based solutions and address the sustainability challenge of plastic pollution, both within PET-recycling and PLAbiodegradation. Building on the current Joint Development Agreement (JDA), under the new agreement, Carbios and Novozymes will extend their collaboration to develop, optimize and produce enzymes that will subsequently be supplied by Novozymes to all licensees of Carbios’ technology. The new agreement grants both parties exclusivity in the field of the partnership. Large-scale industrial deployment The strategic partnership supports the largescale industrial deployment of Carbios’ patented PET-recycling technology starting with Carbios’ future industrial reference unit in Longlaville (France), which will be the world’s first biological PET-recycling plant. Construction will begin later this year, and both building and operating permits have been filed with local authorities. Production at the plant is set to start in 2025 and the processing capacity will be 50,000 tonnes of waste per year. AT | New partnership on chitin extraction Wood (Aberdeen, Scotland), the global consulting and engineering company, will work with CuanTec (Oban), a Scottish circular economy business, to develop cutting edge separation facilities that will process shellfish waste to extract chitin, a naturally occurring compostable biopolymer with a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries. The contract will see Wood provide the front-end engineering design (FEED) to deliver modifications for CuanTec’s newly acquired separation plant in Glenrothes, Scotland, followed by the expansion of that facility. Wood will then continue to provide the FEED, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of additional new production facilities in the UK and globally which will enable mass production of CuanTec’s ultra-pure chitin and chitin-based products. Wood will leverage its extensive engineering capability and experience to develop facilities that are ready for responsible, efficient and safe production and will support the development of a circular economy within the UK’s materials industry. CuanTec’s proprietary technologies use a novel, scientifically proven method to process shellfish waste in an environmentally friendly way, producing valuable, high-quality chitin, with no CO 2 emissions. CuanTec will also contribute to the circular economy through the production of chitin-based bioplastics that are biodegradable and have naturally antimicrobial properties which can extend the shelf life of foods wrapped within it, preventing further wastage. Ellis Renforth, Wood’s President of Operations for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “Helping clients within materials markets embrace the benefits of a circular economy is a growth opportunity for Wood and allows us to leverage our engineering and operations expertise to maximise value for our clients.” Craig Sterling, CEO of CuanTec stated: “Given the importance of this work to CuanTec, we went through a very intensive process to find the right engineering firm who could not only deliver the high level of technical expertise needed for this project, but who could also partner with us on our future projects as we expand globally. Wood has the expertise, technical team, and global reach to do just that." This contract will be delivered by Wood’s engineering team in Glasgow, part of the company’s Operations business unit, on a reimbursable basis. AT | News daily updated News at Picks & clicks Most frequently clicked news Here’s a look at our most popular online content of the past two months. The story that got the most clicks from the visitors to was: Fashion For Good launches the Home-Compostable Polybag Project (13 December 2022) Today, Fashion for Good (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) launches the Home- Compostable Polybag Project, a pilot to test alternatives to conventional single-use polybags. Orchestrated by Fashion for Good in partnership with C&A (Vilvoorde, Belgium) and Levi Strauss & Co. (San Francisco, CA, USA), this six-month project uses novel bags from Fashion for Good innovators TIPA Corp. (Hod HaSharon, Israel) and Greenhope (West Jakarta, Indonesia). bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/23] Vol. 18 5

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