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Issue 01/2023

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Toys Leading the way in

Toys Leading the way in sustainable magnetic toys For Geomag (Novazzano, Switzerland) it’s important to prioritise the full environmental impact of its production of magnetic construction toys. It’s more than just using recycled materials and a marketing message. It began many years ago when the company reviewed and implemented their environmental policy. The ongoing environmental policy considers product safety, renewable energy, recycled materials, the impact of the product and packaging production, product end-of-life, emissions reduction, and waste and microplastics. With a continuous improvement approach, waste production has been analysed and a strategy to reduce it has been developed. From a linear to a fully circular economy “Moving from a linear economy, which saw the unnecessary use of multiple manufacturing processing and raw materials to a fully circular economy is something we are incredibly proud of. 2012 saw the beginning of our journey when we switched to using renewable energy from Swiss hydro plants to power our factory and head office. The next step was to move towards using recycled plastics in our product development which meant we avoid extracting and processing crude oil to manufacture our products. We have worked hard to become experts in the processing of recycled plastics”, says Filippo Gallizia, General Manager of Geomag. To make this possible, the research & development teams have carried out extensive research, over many years prior to the 2019 launch, to create a product with the same qualities as before. During the manufacturing process, any excess plastic is used and reused – nothing ever goes to waste! The goal to establish ourselves as a zero-waste company is ever closer to fruition. Leading the way, across the toy industry Geomag is also proud to be one of the very few companies in the toy industry to be working in this full and complete circular economy. “Our commitment to the environment and sustainability is unwavering and is the heart of our strategic direction”, as Filippo adds. Sustainability is not a task to complete but rather an iterative approach towards a better environment, society, and economy. Impact on the environment As a direct result of the hard work and dedication to deliver a successful sustainability effort, Geomag has seen several positive impacts on the planet! • -29 % CO 2 emissions • -19 % water consumption • -70 % of non-renewable resources • -32 % impact on ecosystems Data was calculated and validated by the Department of Innovative Technologies of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, according to the ISO 14040 standard. One magnetic world, three platforms, all ages In 1998 Geomag invented the Magnetic Construction Toy. Starting out with the original Classic construction system with its magnetic rods and metal spheres, Geomag has now developed three platforms, designed around the magic, simplicity, and strength of magnets, all with different play activities that cater to all types of intelligence and sensibility. Although each Geomag magnetic construction platform has its own age target, products for all ages have been developed. In 2020, to signal its desire for real change, the company converted its two main lines: Geomag Classic range boxes and Geomag Magicube into recycled plastics. In 2021, the new Mechanics recycled range was launched meaning Geomag completed its transition to total sustainability with the use of recycled plastics across all 3 of its platforms! In 2023, Geomag will be widening its ranges with complementary products, naturally, made using recycled plastics. This year, Magicube will see the introduction of the 16-piece Blocks & Cards item. This set provides progressive play activities which will guide children on how to build shapes, and combine different shapes and colours, developing creativity and space vision skills. The Blocks & Cards Set provides educational content thanks to the 6 cards with 1:1 scale matching with the blocks’ real size, making it a perfect preschool STEM toy. 38 bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/23] Vol. 18

Toys From left: Magicube, Geomag, Mechanics The Geomag Classic range grows in 2023, with new additions to the core Supercolor and Glow ranges. With Geomag Classic, kids can build endless 3D structures, thanks to the magical forces of magnetism, unleashing creativity and imagination as they play. The magnetic rods, steel spheres and panels of different shapes form the magnetic construction system that has made the brand famous all over the world. Below: Data calculated and validated by the Department of Innovative Technologies of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) using the Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) methodology, according to the ISO 14040 standard. The Mechanics range sees the introduction of the Mechanics Motion Fly Wheels set, a perfect entry price point item. The laws of physics, when skilfully applied to these Mechanics toys, make this line particularly STEM-friendly, capable of stimulating scientific insights, from the simplest principles up to very high levels. Composed of magnetic bars, steel balls and elements of different shapes such as cylinders, bearings and modular platforms, the Mechanics models trigger chain reactions for endless fun. Expanding the play possibilities with the Easy Combo System is child’s play – combine different boxes and build bigger circuits with a maximum of three moves. “We want everyone who plays with our toys, regardless of their age, to feel that spark of creativity, learn through this experience and simply have fun. As our toys aim to encourage the healthy development of our children and we feel equally responsible for the future of the environment that we are living in, we will always make every effort to ensure we run a responsible and sustainable business”, Filippo proudly concludes. By: Nikki Jeffery International Media Relations Geomag Novazzano, Switzerland bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/23] Vol. 18 39

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