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Issue 01/2023

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dear Editorial readers “Is Bio the new normal?” is the title of an article in issue 01, 2023, of one of the most significant German publications about plastics KUNSTSTOFFE. The area of bioplastics is finally upon us! Or is it? While production capacities of biobased and biodegradable plastics are predicted to grow in the coming years (see also pp 13) the conventional plastics industry isn’t slowing down in growth either it will likely still take quite some time until bioplastics will make a significant dent into the global plastics production. And while the overall developments are positive with companies and governments moving to more sustainable solutions it is still not enough. Recycling is being pushed with quotas while biobased materials are, so far, widely ignored in legislative considerations. Don’t get me wrong, more recycling is good and these developments are more than necessary, but recycling is mainly aiming at the end-of-life issue of plastics – the beginningof-life is still not really addressed. Sure, if advanced material-tomaterial recycling technologies are accepted for the quota it will also affect the beginning-of-life to a degree – but recycling cannot solve this alone. Thankfully, there are people fighting these battles already, urging the European Commission to include quotas for biobased materials. Two of these voices are being featured in our brand new Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) section (pp 8). There is a lot of discussion about mass balance vs actual measurable bio-content of materials – and discussions with the goal of seeking the best solutions are good and worthwhile, as long as they don’t hinder progress. It seems that people are forgetting what the point is here – moving away from virgin fossil feedstocks. It doesn’t matter if this is by recycling, going bio, or through CCU technologies – the bigger picture seems to get lost in the pursuit of a perfect solution. Newsflash, there are no perfect solutions – the longer we hesitate the longer the status quo prevails. Mistakes might be made in these decisions, but doing nothing is worse than backing the wrong solution. We need to be bold in the face of adversity – and thankfully, many companies are getting tired of waiting for government regulations and are already doing something now. The issue you hold in your hands (or read on your screen of choice) is packed full of stories, big and small, about developments in the Automotive and Toys sectors and this time around we don’t have only one but two Basics articles. Things are changing and getting in motion and we are doing our part in bringing people together and facilitating collaborations at events such as the bio!TOY (21-22 March, Nuremberg, Germany) and the bio!PAC (8-9 May, Düsseldorf, Germany), and we hope to see many of you there! Tomorrow, I will hop in my hybrid car to drive to the Spielwarenmesse (Nuremberg International Toy Fair) doing my part on the frontlines of sustainable materials, if you are in the neighbourhood, come and say hi! Sincerely yours @bioplasticsmag Follow us on twitter! @bioplasticsmagazine Like us on Facebook! bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/23] Vol. 18 3

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