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Events bioplastics MAGAZINE presents: The 5 th bio!PAC conference on biobased packaging in Düsseldorf, Germany, organised by bioplastics MAGAZINE together with Green Serendipity, is the must-attend conference for anyone interested in sustainable packaging made from circular renewably-sourced materials. The hybrid (on-site and online) conference offers expert presentations from major players in the packaging value chain, from raw material suppliers and packaging manufacturers to brand owners experienced in using biobased packaging. bio!PAC offers excellent opportunities for attendees to connect and network with other professionals in the field. The conference will be held as a Breakfast Conference. After presentations and excellent networking opportunities from 8:00 to 13:00, attendees can visit the interpack show in the afternoons. Free tickets for the interpack are included. The preliminary programme of the conference is provided below. Please visit our conference website for full details and information about registration. bio PAC conference on bioplastics & packaging 08-09 May 2023 at interpack, Düsseldorf Confirmed speakers include: Lorena Rodríguez Garrido AIMPLAS Martin Bussmann, Neste Caroli Buitenhuis, Green Serendipity Mark Shaw, Parkside Flexibles Taco Kingma, FNLI Francois de Bie, Total Energies Corbion Hugo Vuurens, CJ Biomaterials Ruud Rouleaux, Helian Polymers Patrick Zimmermann, FKuR Stanley Mitchell, Xampla Bineke Posthumus, Avantium Patrick Gerritsen, Bio4pack Andy Sweetman, Futamura Erik Pras, Biotec Leonardo Forner, Sirmax Frédéric Gansberghe, Futerro Allegra Muscatello, Taghleef Industries Brendan Hill, Braskem Bruno de Wilde, Normec OWS Albertro Castellanza, Novamont Marcea van Doorn, Bunzl Onno Treur, Sukano Subject to changes bio!PAC 2019 26 bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/23] Vol. 18

한국포장협회로고.ps 2016.11.21 8:26 PM 페이지1 MAC-18 PAC The “European Sustainable BIO-based nanomaterials organisations based in European Member States and EUassociated countries [1], whose bionanomaterial projects Community”, in short BIOMAC, a Horizon 2020 funded project, is planning the launch of an open, competitive reach TRL4 to TRL5. The open call landing page will call for SMEs, large companies, research and development take applicants through the straight-forward process of organisations working in the field of nano-enabled biobased submitting their proposals, which will be up to 6 pages long. material (NBM) technologies and solutions. The goal of Business Breakfast @ interpack this call is to offer a wide range of fre services through • The Open-Call will open in December 2022 and the existing Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB). In total, five close in Mid-June 2023. applicants will be able to benefit from the call and take their existing nanotechnologies and advanced materials • The proposals will be submitted online using the from validation in a laboratory (technology Conference readiness level on Biobased application Packaging form available on the BIOMAC Open Call TRL 4) to prototypes in industrial environments (TRL 7). platform on the project website 08 – 09 May 2023 – Düsseldorf, Germany These five Test Cases will be granted free access to physical facilities, capabilities and services required for the A handbook containing information on the call and guiding development, testing and upscaling of nanotechnology and users through the application process will be available for advanced materials in industrial environments. download on the Open Call platform. What is so special about BIOMAC? Where is BIOMAC heading to? SAVE THE DATE Silver Sponsors Media Partner Supported by The BIOMAC open innovation test bed approach to NBM The long-term goal of BIOMAC is to establish a truly production is comprehensive. A pilot plant supreme hub collaborative ecosystem where technologies and solutions includes seventeen expert partners for production, from utilising NBMs will be upscaled and prepared for market biomass processing to final biobased polymer product. Three applications. It will constitute a one-stop-shop, accessible KOREA PACKAGING ASSOCIATION INC. Co-organized by transversal service hubs cover all complementary services of at fair conditions and costs through a single entry point, quality control, characterization, Bronze Sponsors standardization, modelling, represented by the ΙΒΒ Netzwerk in Munich, Germany. innovation management, health and safety, regulation, data management, sustainability assessment, supply BIOMAC project has received funding from the European management and circularity. Bioplastics packaging: Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme • can be recyclable, biodegradable and/or compostable under Grant Agreement No. 952941. AT Why is this call relevant • can be for made the from biobased, biowaste or renewable resources bioplastics community? • can offer innovative features and beneficial new barrier properties After the selection • process, can help five to applicants prevent accumulation will access of microplastics in our environment • helps to reduce the depletion of finite fossil resources and CO services and facilities provided by the BIOMAC ecosystem 2 emissions from September 2023 to December 2024. For members of Challenges: the bioplastics’ community Most plastic seeking packaging to improve is made and of scaleup their product properties biodegradable. with In innovative, addition, these sustainable plastics can contribute to long-term accumulation of fossil-based resources, is hardly recycled and not bionanomaterial solutions, microplastics. this is an unprecedented opportunity. Lifetimes, UV resistance, barrier functions, and Innovative bioplastics can be a sustainable alternative. They present new features and can antimicrobial effects have are multiple just some end-of-life of the properties options: recyclable which and/or biodegradable. can be addressed and improved. With respect to bioplastic At the bio!PAC the focus will be on circular packaging based on bio-based feedstock that applications, no limitations apply. Specifically, the five leads to genuine environmental benefits. Specific attention will also be paid to the criteria applicants will have access to the “Pilot Lines” of BIOMAC, for these applications. which can perform biomass fractionation and pre-treatment, production of intermediate That‘s why materials bioplastics MAGAZINE and nanocomposites, (in cooperation with Green Serendipity) is now organizing this 5 and produce the final products th edition of the bio!PAC – conference on bioplastics & packaging. and formulations. Some examples of the materials The conference that the Pilot will be Lines held can as a produce breakfast conference during interpack at the Düsseldorf are cellulose, hemicellulose fairgrounds. and lignin, their nanosized equivalents (nanocellulose, Experts nanolignin), from all areas biochar, of bioplastics monomers & packaging will present their latest developments such as glycols, succinic or research. and lactic The conference acid. Processes will also for cover discussions like end-of-life options, consumer final product formulation behaviour include issues, but availability are not of limited agricultural to land for material use versus food and feed etc. reactive extrusion, additive The conference manufacturing, will be a hybrid coating, event resin that will be recorded and made available for production, and nanopatterning. convenient watching (video-on-demand) for at least a month after the event. All presentations will be made available (pdf) as well. • Who can apply and Call how? for Papers now open: Please send your proposal to Recycling CALL FOR PAPERS Organized by The BIOMAC OITB will accept applications from SMEs, mid – and large-cap companies as well as from research bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/23] Vol. 18 27

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