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Highlights: Automotive Foam Basics: Enzymes

Automotive New Edition

Automotive New Edition 2020 Materials 120 pages full colour, paperback ISBN 978-3- 9814981-4-1: Bioplastics 3rd updated edition 2020 ISBN 978-3- 9814981-3-4: Biokunststoffe 3. überarbeitete Auflage 2020 ‘Basics‘ book on bioplastics New Edition 2020 This book, created and published by Polymedia Publisher, maker of bioplastics MAGAZINE is available in English and German (now available in the third, revised edition). Chinese and Polish editions are coming soon. The book is intended to offer a rapid and uncomplicated introduction into the subject of bioplastics. It is aimed at all interested readers, in particular those who have not yet had the opportunity to dig deeply into the subject, such as students or those just joining this industry, and lay readers. It gives an introduction to plastics and bioplastics, explains which renewable resources can be used to produce bioplastics, what types of bioplastic exist, and which ones are already on the market. Further aspects, such as market development, the agricultural land required, and waste disposal, are also examined. An extensive index allows the reader to find specific aspects quickly and is complemented by a comprehensive literature list and a guide to sources of additional information online. The author Dr. Michael Thielen is editor in chief and publisher bioplastics MAGAZINE. He is a qualified machinery design engineer with a degree in plastics technology from the RWTH University in Aachen. He has written several books on the subject of blow-moulding technology and bioplastics, and disseminated his knowledge of plastics in numerous presentations, seminars, guest lectures, and teaching assignments. Pre-order now for € 18,69 (+ VAT where applicable, plus shipping and handling, ask for details) order at, by phone +49 2161 6884463 or by e-mail Or subscribe and get it as a free gift (see page 53 for details) New (3 rd , updated) edition is being printed now € 18.69 now available 30 bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/21] Vol. 16

Foam Biobased foam packaging Lifoam Industries (Greenville, South Carolina, USA), a business segment and subsidiary of LifeMade Products, has been awarded multiple patents for making and molding an entirely new type of biobased bead foam. This innovation comes on the heels of introducing the Envirocooler EVG earlier last year, which is a treated expanded polystyrene (EPS) product. The new, biobased, proprietary technology performs similarly both thermally and mechanically to traditional EPS, but is composed entirely of renewable materials. With its advanced process to manufacture biobased beads and create temperature-controlled packaging products made with 99.8% renewable materials, Lifoam is changing the landscape of foam coolers and shipping containers for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and commercial packaging. Lifoam said they would debut its patent-pending panel molding manufacturing process technology with the introduction of a paneled insulation product by the end of 2020, and expects to expand manufacturing capabilities in 2021 to include alreadypatented, shape-molded coolers. “While traditional EPS foam has historically been a mainstay in temperature-controlled shipping containers due to its durability, convenience, and performance, companies and consumers have started requesting alternative insulation containers made of renewable materials,” said Mark Gettig, President of LifeMade. He went on to say, “This new technology represents a key development from our organization and reinforces our commitment to providing innovative solutions to customers who are not hitting sustainability KPIs or have to sacrifice performance to do so.” This new technology builds on a proud tradition of foam molding expertise and LifeMade’s well-known brands of packaging solutions by maintaining the familiar and reliable qualities of foam without the use of petroleumbased materials. This allows pharmaceutical, food, and other commercial distributors to easily make the transition to sustainable solutions without risking major supply and logistical changes necessary for a switch to a completely different shipping container. Stemming from a rich history with foam material, Lifoam, under LifeMade and its parent company, Jadex, remains a market leader by continuously providing customers with the convenience and quality they value and expect for their medical, commercial, and recreational needs.MT | Good reasons for PIAE Sign up! Engineering tomorrow’s materials Automotive June 08 - 09, 2021, Mannheim • International professional congress for plastics in cars • The largest industry get-together • Hand-picked lectures • A total of 1,400 participants from the entire value chain • Vast, interactive trade exhibition and Auto show Your participation is secured by our hygiene concept bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/21] Vol. 16 31

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