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Highlights: Automotive Foam Basics: Green public procurement Cover Story: PHB for food packaging

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Events bioplastics MAGAZINE presents The first bio!TOY conference on toys made from biobased plastics in Nuremberg, Germany, organised by bioplastics MAGAZINE and narocon is the must-attend conference for everyone interested in toys responsibly made from renewable resources. The conference offers high class presentations from top individuals from raw material providers as well as from toy brand owners already using biobased plastics. The unique event also offers excellent networking opportunities along with a table top exhibition. Please find below the preliminary programme. Find more details and register at the conference website. Why bio!TOY:Conference on toys made from biobased plastics Plastics are THE most widely used materials for toys and many products for leisure. Plastics still rank ahead of wood, cardboard and textiles (including plush), which ultimately also very often consist of synthetic fibres. Plastics for toys should therefore be as healthy and sustainable as possible - because our children play every day. The first responsible manufacturers of plastic toys are therefore switching to plastics made from bio-based materials, which are made from renewable raw materials. The burning questions in this respect are: How to create and accelerate this change? How to secure the goals and claims? That’s why bioplastics MAGAZINE together with narocon (Harald Kaeb) and supported by the German Toy Manfacturer Association DVSI and the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture are now inviting businesses and media to the first bio!TOY conference. More than 20 presentations with focus on suitable materials, application examples and user experiences. In addition experts will give background information on regulations, policy and funding opportunities. The conference will be accompanied by a table-top exhibition of business and technology leaders. The preliminary programme below will constantly be amended and updated on the website. Preliminary Programme - bio!PAC: Conference on Biobased Packaging Harald Kaeb, narocon Ulrich Brobeil, DVSI Asta Partanen, nova Institute Gabriele Peterek, FNR Kathrin Birkmann, TÜV Rheinland Oliver Ehlert, Din Certco Patrick Zimmermann, FKuR Marco Jansen, Braskem Helmut Nägele, Tecnaro Thomas Köppl, Hexpol TPE Mark Remmert, Greendot Bioplastics Maria Costa & Clara Blasco, AIJU Nelleke van der Puil, Lego Friedrich Stefan, Bioblo Stephanie Triau, Bioseries Beatrice Radaelli, eKoala Transition to a circular and sustainable EU plastic industry Biobased Materials: a strategic arena for an association Biobased plastics, biodegradable plastics and biocomposites for toys Funding Opportunities Safety of Toys Testing and Certification of Bioplastics Play with plastics – Nature as guideline Green PE, the biobased plastic toy solution Raw material shift in the plastics industry – Children’s toys made from ARBOFORM ® , ARBOBLEND ® and ARBOFILL ® A material journey to green toys biobased materials for tyos in the USA Consumer attitudes and toy trends for Eco-babies and Lego on its way to sustainable toys Bioblo building blocks: balancing profitability and sustainability Down to earth, biobased toys : building the promise of a better tomorrow Bio-toys... With eKoala it's child's play! (subject to changes, visit for updates) 8 bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/19] Vol. 14

Events Innovation Consulting Harald Kaeb bioplastics MAGAZINE presents a first of its kind: 27-28 Mar 2019 Nuremberg • More than 20 presentations with a focus on suitable materials and user experiences • Background information on regulation / policy, and funding opportunities in EU • Focused table-top exhibits from business and technology leaders • Opportunity to interact and promote business development through dialog • Media and PR programme to get your message out • For updated information and opportunities on programme, exhibiting, sponsoring, etc. visit the website or contact “The biobased plastics industry can supply polymers and compounds that offer functionality and sustainability benefits, such as low CO 2 emissions. Applications will represent what the #New- PlasticsEconomy is all about: Circular, safe products made from renewable resources. To maintain a great quality of life for our children.” Dr. Harald Kaeb, expert for biobased chemistry, founder of narocon InnovationConsulting “The toy industry is looking for more sustainable materials for the manufacture of its products and packaging. We are exploring the opportunities that novel, biobased plastics can offer. The conference will help our members to learn, create visions and goals, and establish collaboration along the value chain.” Ulrich Brobeil, Managing Director, German Toy Maker Association Gold Sponsor Coorganized by supported by With support from by decision of the German Bundestag Silver Sponsor Media Partner 1 st Media Partner #bio-toy

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