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Issue 01/2019

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Highlights: Automotive Foam Basics: Green public procurement Cover Story: PHB for food packaging


PLAY WITH PLASTICS! Sustainable – Safe – Sophisticated The world we live in is unique, exciting and full of surprises. Children discover their world in a fun way by playing with toys, which generate curiosity and stimulate the imagination while having to withstand countless adventures. Our bioplastics combine sustainability with trend-setting material properties that help to reduce CO2 emissions. With FKuR bioplastics you will get high-quality toys that meet your needs exactly and that children will enjoy for a long time.

Editorial dear readers With the new year now getting into its stride, we are once again back in the familiar rhythm that shapes our work and this magazine. Our first issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE this year is no exception and we are sticking with what our readers accustomed to: like every year, our highlight topics are once again Bioplastic Foams and Bioplastics in Automotive Applications . However, we also want to introduce a new feature this year – a series in which we present and discuss recent patents in the bioplastics space, preferably, but not necessarily, on topics relating to the highlights of the relevant issue. Readers, too, are more than welcome to submit their news about patents they have been granted. We look forward to hearing about your accomplishments in this area, so let us know! The present issue further includes, next to the other highlight topics, an update on Green Public Procurement in the Basics section. As usual, you’ll also find some of the most recent news items on materials and applications from the world of bioplastics. Lastly, we’d like to remind you of our conference schedule for 2019, and invite you to join us. We start with the first international bio!TOY conference, scheduled for March 27 th and 28 th . Raw material suppliers, toy manufacturers and other players will meet in Germany’s ‘Toy City’, Nürnberg. Next, at the end of May, we are organising the 3 rd bio!PAC conference on biobased packaging in Düsseldorf, Germany. And of course, the biggest international trade show for the plastics industry – the K show - is rolling around this year in October, in Düsseldorf. Once again, we’ll be there, with our, by now traditional, Bioplastics Business Breakfast meetings. The call for papers is already open for this event. We look forward to seeing you at trade shows such as Chinaplas, at our conferences or one of the many other interesting events. Until then, please enjoy reading this latest issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE. And don’t forget: For current news, be sure to check the latest reports, breaking news and daily news updates at Our bi-weekly newsletter reaches almost 3000 recipients who have actively opted in to receive it. Maybe a good opportunity for your banner advertisement? WWW.MATERBI.COM adv mela se tore_bioplasticmagazine_11.12_2018_flagEBC_210x297_ese.indd 1 31/10/18 14:10 r4_11.2018 bioplastics MAGAZINE Vol. 14 ISSN 1862-5258 Highlights Foam | 12 Automotive | 24 Basics Green Public Procurement | 42 Jan / Feb 01 | 2019 Cover Story PHB for food packaging of fruits and vegetables | 37 ... is read in 92 countries Follow us on twitter! Michael Thielen Like us on Facebook! bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/19] Vol. 14 3

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