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Show preview United Soybean Board (USB) Thinking Sustainable? Think Soy. From construction to automotive manufacturing, soy polyols and unsaturated polyester resins containing soybean oil prove a renewable, reliable resource. As corporate sustainability efforts continue to rise, manufacturers are increasingly searching for alternative polyurethane and polyester feedstocks. To fill the need, the United Soybean Board (USB) St. Louis, Missouri, USA supports research, testing and development of products containing soy-based polyols and unsaturated polyester resins contained soybean oil. Soybean components perform as well as, or better than, petrochemical feedstocks. However soy-based derivatives have a carbon benefit over petroleum, according to a Life Cycle Impact Analysis conducted by Omni Tech International for USB. For more information, download the Soy Lifecycle Profile Report at their website, and visit the booth at NPE to explore new applications S18102 Leistritz The use of bioplastics continues to increase for a wide variety of applications. TSE (twin screw extruder) advancements are being developed to improve the processability of heat and shear sensitive bioplastics and will be a focus in the Leistritz NPE 2015 exhibit. The ZSE-27 MAXX direct to sheet system facilitates rapid in-line compounding and production of prototype bioplastic sheet samples. Benefits of direct sheet extrusion include the product having one-less heat/shear history, and economic savings inherent with bypassing the pelletization step. ZSE-27 MAXX co-rotating, intermeshing, TSE system • 40/1 L/D with modular barrels and segmented screws • 1.66/1 OD/ID ratio for screw • 40 kW water-cooled motor • LSB-26 side stuffer for filler/fiber introduction • Dry vacuum system • Allen-Bradley Compact Logix L3 PLC with PanelView Plus 15” touch screen HMI Also included: • Gear pump front-end attachment with 20 cc/rev capacity and 5 HP AC motor • 14” Sheet/film die, manufactured of P20 steel with chrome plating, with choker bar and push/pull flex lip design • 3-Roll sheet/film system www.leistritz– West Hall, W6571 Metabolix Metabolix, Inc. is an innovation-driven specialty materials company focused on delivering high-performance biopolymer solutions to customers in the plastics industry. At NPE 2015, Metabolix will be showcasing its Mirel ® biopolymer resins, a family of biobased performance additives based on PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates). Mirel resins are derived from renewable resources and are broadly biodegradable in soil and marine environments. The biodegradation profile of Mirel resins make them uniquely suited for applications where biodegradation is required. Metabolix biopolymer resins can also be used as performance additives for a range of conventional or biobased polymers to improve impact strength, heat resistance, barrier properties, processability and plasticization. At NPE, Metabolix will present data and samples to support awareness for the company’s innovations in: PVC processing aids, PLA modification, barrier coatings for paper as well as micropowders/beads. Potential applications for Mirel biopolymers include applications such as construction and packaging materials, as well as industrial, consumer and personal care products. S15041 SK Chemicals SK Chemicals is the global leader in Green / Sustainable Copolyester production. The company philosophy and culture are deeply rooted in environmental responsibility and SK Chemical’s global manufacturing practices reflect their commitment to this cause. SK Chemicals is the only global producer of PETG, PCTG and Bio-PETG to have achieved Cradle to Cradle Gold certification for the product line and manufacturing facilities. Their recent introductions of PLA and Chlorine free PPS are further indicators of the company’s commitment to a Green future. For additional information readers should contact the US corporate office located in Irvine, California. S14189 26 bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/15] Vol. 10

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