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Show Guide Entrance

Show Guide Entrance Entrance bioplastics MAGAZINE (Source:

On this floor plan you find the majority of companies offering bioplastics related products or services, such as resins, compounds, additives, semi-finished products and much more (as listed in the official NPE catalogue). Companies mentioned in our Show-preview are colored in blue. For your convenience, you can take the centerfold out of the magazine and use it as your personal ‘Show-Guide’. South Hall Level 1 - Exhibit Floor 21 Century Polymers S11084 1 Al Ahram Plastic Company S17202 2 Albis Plastics Corporation S16047 3 Algix, LLC S20194 4 AMCO Polymers S14119 5 Arkema Inc S36019 6 Aspen Research Corporation S37035 7 BASF S16027 8 bioplastics MAGAZINE S20192 4 Braskem S22001 9 Butler-MacDonald, Inc. S32075 10 Cathay Industrial Biotech S36037 11 Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites S18189 12 Chase Plastic Services, Inc. S15055 13 Citadel Plastics S12103 14 Clariant S35035 15 Evonik Corporation S23093 16 Getac Technology Corp. (Bio-sourced Materials BU) S31125 17 Great Eastern Resins Industrial Co., Ltd. S17058 18 Green Dot S21199 19 Heritage Plastics Inc. S24045 20 Imerys Talc & Mica S30106 21 Jamplast, Inc. S20040 22 Kureha America LLC S33026 23 Laurel BioComposite, LLC S18189 12 Mathelin Bay Associates LLC S12036 24 Metabolix, Inc. S15041 25 MHG (Meredian / DaniMer) S35027 26 NatureWorks LLC S35041 27 Nexeo Solutions S16001 28 Ningxia Qinglin Shenghua Technology Co., Ltd. S35094 29 Nylon Corporation of America (NYCOA) S10139 30 Pennsylvania Dept. of Community & Economic Development S10027 31 Phoenix Plastics L.P. S12004 32 Plastics Color Corporation S33113 33 Polyalloy Inc. S30130 34 PolyOne Corporation S35014 35 PolyReps, Inc. S11019 36 Resirene, S.A. de. C.V. S16079 37 Reverte Minerals USA S20063 38 Rhe Tech Inc S15119 39 RTP Company S28080 40 Saco Polymers S17055 41 Shandong Fuwin New Material Co., Ltd. S20147 42 SK Chemicals S14189 43 Stratasys - Advanced Materials Center S20034 44 Teknor Apex Company S24055 45 The Eco-Groupe S22198 19 The Lubrizol Corporation S12073 46 United Soybean Board S18102 47 Zhongshan Meitu Plastic lnd Co., Ud. S31171 48 South Hall Level 2 - Meeting Rooms Jarden Plastic Salutions PolyOne Gorparation SPI Bioplastics Division Room S211 Room S230B/C SL78 West Hall Level 2 - Exhibit Floor & Meeting Rooms Biobent Polymers Room W203A cycleWood Solutions Room W203A DSM Room W225A DuPont Room W207A Graphenics Room W203A Multiquimica SA W209 Erema Plastic Recycling Systems W5673 Leistritz W6571

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