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Issue 01/2014

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Highlights: Automotive Foam Pharmafilter Land use

Bio-Flex ® for mulch

Bio-Flex ® for mulch films Certified as compostable, Bio-Flex ® F 1130 is widely recommended for biodegradable mulch films. As a ready-to-use blend, Bio-Flex ® F 1130 is easily processed using standard production equipment. In addition, biodegradable mulch films made from Bio-Flex ® F 1130 can be laid down on the field using the same equipment as conventional polyethylene films. Thus this material is a natural drop-in replacement for oil based PE. Mulch films made from Bio-Flex ® offer: • Compostability according to EN 13432, ASTM D 6400, NFU 52001 • Stable during use, good disintegration in soil after ploughing in • Cost efficient, no collection is required to dispose of the film after use, thickness reduction • Superior water resistance • High strength and tear resistance • Good weed suppression For more information visit •

Editorial dear readers It is early February, and it is cold in Germany (and not only here)… but ice cream is a thing that I can enjoy all year round. And thanks to modern logistics and modern insulating materials, it can be enjoyed far away from its production site – even in summer. Our cover story is about such a modern insulating packaging solution. It is part of one of the editorial focal topics in this issue: foam. The other highlight is Bioplastics in automotive applications. Here we can see that this is not just about projects, but about real applications that you can already find on the market – for example in Ford, Volkswagen or Mercedes vehicles. In the Basics section we again address the topic of land use. How much of the arable land on this planet is used for the production of bioplastics (and other products) today – and in future. A very interesting experience for me and some colleagues was a visit to the Reinier de Graaf hospital, in Delft, the Netherlands. We wanted to see with our own eyes what Pharmafilter is doing there. bioplastics MAGAZINE already reported about Pharmafilter (bM 01/2010 and 04/2011) and the unique concept was awarded the second prize of the 8 th Bioplastics Award in December. But who was the actual winner of the 8 th Bioplastics Award? See yourself on page 9. Now, after a pause of two years, bioplastics MAGAZINE would like to invite you to the 3 rd PLA World Congress. We will hold this unique event again in Munich, Germany, on May 27 th and 28 th , 2014. Please have a look in the preliminary programme on page 10. We are still able to accept proposals for presentations. A few slots are still available. Until then we hope you enjoy reading bioplastics MAGAZINE Sincerely yours Michael Thielen Follow us on twitter! Be our friend on Facebook! bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/14] Vol.9 3

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