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Caring for nature! Be

Caring for nature! Be green! The use of a renewable raw material was an obvious step for Papyrus Supplies as it highlights their ecological awareness and commitment. The garbage bags supplied by Papyrus Supplies are made from Green PE, a renewable raw material. As these bags maintain the same properties as their oil-based counterparts they are a suitable sustainable substitute for consumers. Of course, these bags once used, can be recycled into the existing polyethylene recycling stream, thus closing the loop. Garbage Bags made from I‘m green Polyethylene For more information visit •

Editorial dear readers In the last issue I asked whether the mass balance approach is a good idea or a nice trick to be able to offer renewable or biobased plastics such as PE or PP. Both Sabic and BASF have taken such approaches. Well, I’m happy that we can publish the first comments from the nova institute, INRO and ISCC on pp. 44. And I’m confident to get more feedback for our upcoming issues. But this is not the only political topic in this issue. Even if the paper, introduced on page 30, discusses the incentive regulation for biofuels versus material use of biomass in the European Union, the basic thoughts are important enough to be read across the globe. From the material side we have a focus on Biocomposites, showing that research and development has significantly advanced in the recent past compared to the wood-flour filled automotive door panels that have been around for decades (rather for cost reasons than the renewable materials aspect). The other editorial focus topics in this issue are blow moulding and bottle applications, rounded off by a basic introduction of the stretch blow moulding process to manufacture (mainly) PET but also PLA or (in future) PEF bottles. Please also note our two new conferences, scheduled for 2015: For May 12th and 13th we would like to invite you to the bio!pac conference on biobased packaging. It will be held in the Novotel in Amsterdam and the Call for papers is now open. The second new conference for which we are already also accepting proposals for presentations is bio!car, covering biobased materials in automotive applications. This conference will be held in the autumn of 2015, most probably in the automotive capital of Germany: Stuttgart. Both conferences offer of course opportunities for sponsoring and table-top exhibitors. For now we hope you enjoy the summer, and of course … reading bioplastics MAGAZINE Sincerely yours Michael Thielen Follow us on twitter! Like us on Facebook! bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/14] Vol.9 3

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