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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging for future generations SCA has developed lightweight packaging solutions based on paper laminated with FKuR’s bioplastics. By using Green PE fully biobased solutions can be created, whereas the Bio-Flex ® product line enables fully biodegradable product solutions. product, SCA can guarantee a secure long term supply of truly sustainable packaging. Paper packaging extrusion-coated with Green PE For more information visit

Editorial dear readers Busy days – these days! … After Chinaplas, interpack and quite a number of conferences even our 3 rd PLA World Congress will be over when you read this. For this issue we promised a comprehensive review for both Chinaplas and interpack. However, as Chinaplas did not show very much breaking news apart from what we covered in the show preview, we just have a small review for this event. All in all it could be noticed that an increasing number of Chinese companies (suppliers as well as visitors/buyers) are more and more interested in the biobased origin of raw materials and are not so much focused only on the biodegradability any more. Suppliers of PBAT for example are looking for biobased 1,4-BDO … For interpack there is no review at all. It turned out that the preview already covered most news. The few items that are related to interpack in this issue are marked with a small interpack icon. ISSN 1862-5258 May/June 03 | 2014 The other editorial focus topics in this issue are thermoset and injection moulding. Some recent news and reports raise new questions and will certainly be discussed in our upcoming issues. These are the news about “renewable polyolefins” and other conventional thermoplastics by applying a mass balance approach. Please read my comment on page 6 and stay tuned… As usual this issue is once again rounded off by a number of industry and applications news… We hope you enjoy reading bioplastics MAGAZINE Sincerely yours Michael Thielen bioplastics MAGAZINE Vol. 9 Highlights Injection Moulding | 10 Thermoset | 34 ... is read in 91 countries Follow us on twitter! Like us on Facebook! bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/14] Vol.9 3

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