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Booth Company 09, E03 A

Booth Company 09, E03 A PLUS PACKAGING 09, F11 ANL Plastics Hall 9 09, F09 bioplastics MAGAZINE 09, F22-7 BIOPOLYNOV-Natureplast 09, F16-3 BIOTEC Biologische Naturverpackungen 09, B03 B-PACK 09, G15 Braskem 09, G11 Corbion Purac 09, F05 European Bioplastics Entrance “NORD“ A02 Emergency Exit A A04 A09 A21 A17 A19 A23 A25 A24 A29 A32 Emergency Exit A A36 10 HAL L 09, F14 FKuR Kunststoff 09, B35 Folienwerk Wolfen 09, E11 Grabio Greentech 09, F04 Innovia Films 09, E07 Kaneka Corporation C01 Emergency Exit B C B03 B04 B11 B16 C15 B20-1 B24-1 B24-2 B24-3 B24-5 B24-7 B24-4 B24-6 B28 B30 B32 B C B35 C35 10 HAL L 09, G07 Kingfa Sci. & Tech. 09, J21 Limagrain Cereales Ingredients 09, G05 Metabolix 09, E15 Pacovis 09, B24-4 Plastiroll 09, F03 Synprodo 09, D24 Taghleef Industries 09, G03 Xylophane 09, E09 Zhejiang Hangzhou Xinfu Pharmaceutical 07.1, A14 Arcoplastica 07.1, E46 MG Lavorazione Materie Plastiche 07.1, B40-3 PTT MCC Biochem 07.1, E37 Safepack Industries 07.1, B41-6 Trican 07.2, E48 Elitflexible Alit Baskili Urunler ve Ambalaj San 07.2, A12-13 Hubei Guancheng Bioplastic Packaging 07.2, A46 Nitrochem 07.2, D23 Nowofol Kunststoffprodukte 08b, F20-52 Green Day Eco-friendly Material 10, B43 BASF 10, B22, C31 BE_NATURAL C02 E01 Emergency Exit E02 F02 G01 Emergency Exit G02 J01 Entrance J02 D E F G H J D04 E04 F01 F04 G03 Emergency Exit E03 D03 G04 H04 C04 J04 E07 E06 F03 D08 F08 G05 G07 E09 F05 F10 G11 H11 H10 J11 E11 E14 C18 D13 D14 G16 J13 F11 F14 J15 E15 G15 H17 H16 C22 D18 E17 Entrance D19 G18 H19 J17 E18 F15 H18 D20 F16-2 F16-1 F16-4 F16-3 F16-5 G20 H12A H21 J21 J19 J20 D22 E24 H24 J23 J24 C24 D23 D24 bioplastics MAGAZINE F22-1 F22-2 F22-4 F22-3 F22-6 F22-5F22-7 Emergency Exit H26 J25 F25-2 J30 E28 F27 F26 F25-1 D28 E27 F25-3 H30 J27 J32 C34 E31 E32 F32 G24-1 G24-3 G24-5 G24-7 G24-9 G24-2 G24-4 G24-6 G24-8 G24-10 H32 J31 D E F G H J Emergency Exit C36 E35 E36 F34 G35 G36 H34 J35 J36 HAL L 10 HAL L 10 10, D18 Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging 10, E85 Icimendue 10, A67 NatureWorks 10, C92 SOJITZ Europe 13, C45 Sleever International At interpack 2014 most of the exhibitors offering bioplastics related products and services are located in hall 9. However, some more exhibitors can be found in other halls. These are listed here as well. FG, IPP26 ITENE - Packaging, Transport and Logistics

PACK TO THE FUTURE WELCOME TO VISIT US AT STAND 9 B24-4 3 rd PLA World Congress 27 + 28 MAY 2014 MUNICH › GERMANY The conference will comprise high class presentations on 1 • Latest developments • High temperature behaviour • Blends and Compounds • Foam • Processing • Additives • Stabilization • Applications (packaging and durable applications) • Fibers, fabrics, textiles, nonwovens • Recycling upcoming event! conference may 2015 amsterdam

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