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Show Preview interpack 2014 A Plus Packaging A Plus Packaging’s cornstarch-based customizable PLA, CPLA and ABDP biomaterials are 100% biodegradable and compostable according to the requirements of the EN13432 and OK COMPOST (4*) certified. Approved for food contact applications, they are microwaveable, freezable, greaseproof and waterproof. Its ABDP (Amylium Biodegradable Polymer) and CPLA materials offer excellent temperature resistance properties (15°C to +115°C). Applications include customized packaging solutions, disposable tableware and food packaging, including cutlery, cups, bowls, plates, fast food boxes, trays and bags. At the end of life, A Plus Packaging products decompose into water, biomass and new carbon dioxide, forming nutrient matter that is used by plants for photosynthesis. Hall 9, booth E03 Biopolynov-NaturePlast NaturePlast group specializes in providing support to plastic converters or end users who are interested in making the switch to bioplastics (plastics derived from plants, which, in some cases, are biodegradable). NaturePlast, headquartered in Normandy, France, is the only company in Europe that since its founding in 2006 has consistently supplied the full range of bioplastics produced by the close to 100 international producers across the world. NaturePlast supports innovative projects in sectors varying from (food) packaging and horticulture to automotive, construction and the toy industry. The company develops compounds based on traditional plant fibers such as wood, bamboo, miscanthus and hemp, and is experimenting with new bioplastics made from agricultural and industrial coproducts. At Biopolynov, the R&D lab established by NaturePlast in 2010, new bioplastics are currently under development derived from fruit and vegetable pulp, stone powder (olive), leather waste, algae from the French coasts and seashell powder. Hall 9, booth F22-7 Biotec A leading European company in the development and production of bioplastics, Germany-based Biotec develops and produces plasticizerfree sustainable materials made from plant-based renewable resources. Biotec produces and sells its new generation of customized thermoplastics under the name BIOPLAST. All Bioplast grades are 100% biodegradable, range in biobased content from 23% (Bioplast GF 106/02) to 100% (Bioplast TPS), and are suitable for both film and rigid applications (injection molding and thermoforming grades). With its dedicated research team, Biotec is constantly improving the characteristics of Bioplast in terms of mechanical and barrier properties in order to meet the requirements of industry sectors such as cosmetics, food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and others. Hall 9, booth F16-3 34 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/14] Vol. 9

Show Preview Braskem Braskem, the largest resin producer in the Americas with 36 industrial plants in Brazil, the US and Germany, produces over 16 million tons of thermoplastic resins and other petrochemical products annually. Braskem is the world leader in the production of the I’m green brand of biobased green polyethylene. I’m green is a thermoplastic resin produced from ethylene made from sugarcane ethanol, a 100% renewable raw material which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions offering properties identical to those of conventional polyethylene. Reinforcing its commitment to sustainable development, Braskem conducted a unique study, in partnership with its suppliers, to assess the environmental impact of its I’m green resin. The results of the LCA study indicate that Braskem’s bio-PE captures 2.15 kg of CO 2 equivalent for every kg of green plastic produced. Moreover, 80 % of the energy consumed in the process comes from a renewable source. Hall 9, booth G15 European Bioplastics The bioplastics industry – its comprehensive expertise and ample product portfolio – will be showcased in the group exhibition “Bioplastics in Packaging“ during interpack 2014 in Hall 9. Around 25 exhibitors – mainly members of European Bioplastics – will present their products and talk about the performance aspects and environmental benefits of the bioplastic materials on display. “Bioplastics can be applied in any market segment where plastics are currently used“, says Hasso von Pogrell, Managing Director of European Bioplastics. “During interpack, European Bioplastics will function as an information platform for the whole industry and all visitors interested in bioplastics. Our stand will be situated in the heart of the group exhibition.“ Daily at its booth, the association will offer a stage programme with up-to-date presentations about products, market trends and industry relevant topics such as end-of-life options for bioplastics. More information: and Hall 9, booth F05 Corbion Purac Together with key industry partners, Corbion Purac will be showcasing packaging and serviceware applications made from standard PLA and high heat PLA at its booth in the Bioplastics In Packaging (BIP) pavilion. On display are the latest high-heat applications based on performance lactides from Corbion Purac, among which single-use hot drink cups and lids and full stereo-complex transparent film for food and nonfood applications. The company will also be displaying its various PLA resin and compound partnerships with Hisun, SUPLA, Biotec and FKuR, for those interested in developing their own bioplastic products. Corbion Purac’s partners at Interpack include Huhtamaki - a global leader in sustainable foodservice packaging, Innovia - a leading global producer of specialty high performance films, Synbra – a leading producer of ePLA foam, Yangtze Labre – a manufacturer of filaments and non-wovens, and WinGram – a PLA converter of films, serviceware and packaging. Hall 9, booth G11 FKuR FKuR is presenting a full range of innovative and sustainable solutions for the packaging industry. Customers can choose from a huge variety of compostable, ready-to-use compounds as well as a comprehensive distribution portfolio of biobased resins. A distributor of Green PE, FKuR has also established distribution partnerships for Bio-PET (GLOBIO) and Bio- PA (VESTAMID Terra) across Europe. One of the highlights on display will be the first application for the new heat-resistant thermoforming grade Bio-Flex® F 6611: fully compostable menu trays manufactured by Plastisud (Italy) (cf. page 16). Other innovations include laminated films made from Bio-PE with Bio-PET or Bio-PA, which open up new possibilities for bioplastic barrier packaging. Due to the excellent barrier properties of Bio-PET and Bio-PA, shelf-life extending bioplastic solutions are available for moisture- and oxygen-sensitive products. Even MAP packaging solutions are now possible. Hall 9, booth F14 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/14] Vol. 9 35

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