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K‘2013 Preview Show

K‘2013 Preview Show Preview K’2013 - Oct. 16 - 23, 2013 The International K Show, the world’s signature event for the plastics and rubber industry held once every three years will take place this year for the nineteenth time from 16 to 23 October in Düsseldorf, Germany. At K’2013, more than 3000 companies will showcase their latest developments for all industry segments, including over 140 companies with products and services focused specifically on bioplastics. A selection of what is on display is presented in the below. Visitors can plan their trade show experience with the help of the floor plan on pages 34-35. KL Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology The Fraunhofer ICT conducts research into innovative developments in the field of bioplastics. Hence, developments are displayed in various different domains, one of which will be examples of materials with magnetic or electrically conductive properties, which are an outcome of the successfully completed BioStruct project. Also on show will be examples of bioplastic materials with doubled HDT values, achieved with the help of optimized crystallization, a frisbee disc demonstrating the possibilities of different material combinations, including lightweight design solutions and biocomposite materials, and a transparent, biobased substitute for PVC in window profiles. In addition, several partners in the InnoREX project, an EU project aimed at developing a new metal-free production route for PLA, will be present at this year’s K fair. The project’s coordinator will be available at the Fraunhofer ICT booth to provide firsthand information about the project’s preliminary results. 7B05 Ecoplast Technologies Inc Ecoplast Technologies Inc, Wuhan, China, is presenting its range of ECO-KEEP products at K’2013. Eco Keep is the Ecoplast brand of green houseware items made from PSM ® bioplastics, which use plant starch and other renewable sources as their main components, and are manufactured by polymer modification and plasticization. By the end of 2012, Eco-Keep could be found in over 3600 supermarkets in China, including Wal-mart and Carrefour. Following its market success as the first green home appliance brand in China, the company is introducing Eco- Keep to the world at large at K’2013, where a broad international audience, including potential customers, can witness the game-changing effect of PSM bioplastics on daily life. 7.1E03-19 28 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/13] Vol. 8

K‘2013 Preview Natureplast Natureplast group specializes in providing support to plastic converters or outsourcers who want to incorporate bioplastics into existing, or develop new products or packaging made from bioplastics. Since its founding in 2006, Natureplast continues to be the sole company in Europe dedicated to supplying the full range of bioplastics produced across the world. Biopolynov, a daughter company of Natureplast created in 2010, is the first R&D laboratory in Europe dedicated to the field of bioplastics. The focus is on modifying and improving the properties of the various types of bioplastics currently available, including PLA, PHA, PBS, BioElastomers, BioPET, etc. The company also develops specific compound mixes with natural fibers, such as wood, miscanthus, bamboo and hemp, to name but a few. For the past two years, efforts have mainly been directed at optimizing agricultural and industrial waste for feedstock use, which has resulted in the development of new specific bioplastic materials based on, for example, olive seed powder, algae, or leather. 5D04-6 European Bioplastics The industry association European Bioplastics will represent the bioplastics industry at K’2013. European Bioplastics will provide up-to-date information on market development and new products. Furthermore, the joint stand with bioplastics MAGAZINE aims to be a contact platform for all K-visitors interested in seminal plastic solutions, i.e. bioplastics. The association will also inform about the 8th European Bioplastics Conference, which is the pre-eminent international industry event in Europe offering a unique information platform for industry trends, as well as innovations in material and application development. The event takes place on 10/11 December 2013 at InterContinental Hotel Berlin. 7aB10 BASF Meet bioplastics MAGAZINE at this joint booth! At K’2013, BASF will be presenting a wide range of products, including the company’s bio-based Ecoflex and Ecovio materials. One of the highlights on display will be the first application for the new injection-molding grade Ecovio IS1335 (see bM 04/2013): fully compostable coffee capsules for Swiss Coffee Company (Widnau, Switzerland). The material is used in combination with an Ecovio-based multi-layer system with specific barrier properties. Also on show are the Ecovio biodegradable/ compostable bio-waste bags, which have been approved for use in organic waste bins by numerous municipalities, further underscoring the company’s commitment to composting as a feasible and effective waste management option for organic waste. BASF is also presenting a designer lamp made from partly biobased polyamides (Ultramid Balance), and two new grades for extrusion, called Ultramid S4Z5 Balance and Ultramid S4Z4 XS Balance. The two long-chain polyamide compounds are characterized by especially low moisture uptake, good resistance to chemicals and stress cracking as well as low-temperature impact strength. They will be available in sample quantities as of November 2013. 5C21/D21 Please visit for updated information about K‘2013. bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/13] Vol. 8 29

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