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Chinaplas Review ITENE

Chinaplas Review ITENE The Spanish Packaging, Transport & Logistics Research Center ITENE is a Technological Center that promotes, in general and for any type of business, scientific research, technological advancement, the development of information society and promoting sustainability in the areas of packaging, logistics, transportation and mobility. Now ITENE presented itself in the Bioplastics Zone at Chinaplas. Among other products and services they showed blends of PLA and nano-clay. These products were developed in order to enhance mechanical and barrier properties. DuPont The RS product range of DuPont (RS for renewably sourced) is well known. It comprises among other products the long-chain Zytel RS polyamide 1010, the elastomer Hytrel RS and the PTT material Sorona. While the PA 1010 offers different properties and functionalities compared to PA 11 or PA 12, the Hytrel RS elastomer is a drop-in material with the same properties as the oil based Hytrel. Here it is important for customers that the biobased version is not more expensive. Sorona is not very much used in China, but the Japanese automotive company Toyota recently decided for an air outlet in the instrument panel of the Prius model for Sorona. This saved cost compared to PBT or PA6. Not due to the resin price, but due to the fact, that the PTT version did not need to be painted in a secondary step. With an R&D center in Shanghai and compounding plant in Shenzhen DuPont offer their clients comprehensive consultation in the development of applications. Fukutomi The core business of Fukutomi Company Ltd. From Shantou, China, is the production of plastic parts from plastic scrap. To prove their commitment to environmental protection and to follow the company’s objective of sustainable development, Fukutomi also started to produce PLA compounds as well as parts from PLA. Fukutomi has produced products such as ice cream spoons, golf tees and flower pots from Biodegradable Polylactic Acid. The PLA compounds include grades for injection moulding, bottle blowing and sheet grades.In order to meet the customers growing requirements, Fukutomi provide PLA material modification, mould design and production service. Shandong Fuwin New Material Co. Ltd. Shandong Fuwin New Material Co. Ltd., from Zibo Shandong is primarily engaged in the production and R&D of fully biodegradable plastic materials and fine chemicals. Their products include BDO, PBS and PBS co-polymers and are marketed under the brand name ECONORM. Fuwin’s capacity for the production of PBA and PBSA is about 25,000 tonnes/annum. Their materials are made with biobased succinic acid and currently still with fossil based BDO. Injection moulding grades (e.g. for disposable cutlery, plant pots etc) are available as well as blown film grades e.g. for shopping bags or mulch film. Nafigate Nafigate Corporation a.s. from Prague (Czech Republik) presented their biotechnology for PHA production that was developed by (Czech) Brno University of Technology. Nafigate is now seeking to find partners to invest into this technology. The distinctive feature of the technology is that it uses waste cooking oil as the raw material und thus does not compete in any way with food or feed.production. The high performance bioprocess for the production of PHA assures lower operational cost and market price, as a spokesperson told bioplastics MAGAZINE. A model calculation for a 10,000 tonnes/annum plant shows the potential to achieve a market price of EUR 2.1 (USD 2.8) per kg of raw material. Shenzhen Esun Industrial CO., Ltd. Established in 2002 and located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in researching, developing, producing and operating degradable polymer materials, such as PLA and PCL. The company strives for becoming the leader in biodegradable material industry and achieving the breakthrough of 200,000 tonnes annual capacity within the next ten years. One of the highlights at Chinaplas is the new PLA sheet material for the production of cards: membership cards, gift cards, etc. 32 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/13] Vol. 8

Chinaplas Review Tianjin GreenBio Materials Co., Ltd GreenBio is dedicated in the development, production and sale of the fully degradable bio-based polymer materials PHA and its application products. So far GreenBio has established the worlds largest production base of PHA in the Binhai District in China (capacity 10,000 tonnes/ annum). The PHA materials are marketed under the brand name Sogreen. Among other products GreenBio have developed exclusive PHA foam pellets. This kind of foam pellets have over 20 times in expansion and can be made into full-biodegradable foam food service ware and industry or electric appliance packaging to replace conventional EPS. As highlights at Chinaplas the company presented heat stretch film and nonwoven fibre products. Toray Toray Industries Inc. headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, offers a range of different products under the common brandname ecodear. This includes blends of PLA with ABS (offering higher strength), blends of PLA with PC (with enhanced flame retardance) and PLA blends with PMMA offering an excellent transparency in combination with heat resistance. Other members of the ecodear family are a PA 610, a bio-Polyethylene foam based on Braskem Green PE and a partly biobased PBT, made with bio-BDO. Grabio Greentech Corporation Grabio Greentech Corporation specializes in the development and manufacture of 100% biodegradable and compostable starch plastics. Their products are GRABIO film grade resin and GRABIO agri grade resin. Grabio starch plastics are all certified (EN 13432 and ASTM D6400) compostable. At Chinaplas Grabio displayed its existing GB series film grade products, among which a newly developed GBL series film grade material was also on display. The new GBL series material has more rigid texture and higher renewable content, and is suitable for making shopping bag, fruit bag, magazine wrapping and other flexible packing applications. Moreover, besides the GB and GBL series, the developing GBXV series material is designed for high transparency require packaging application. Shanghai Disoxidation Macromolecule Materials Co., Ltd With the mission of Life &Environment Balance and Natural, No Harm, Shanghai Disoxidation Macromolecule Materials Co., Ltd (DM) is providing plastic manufacturers and consumers with biodegradable starch resins and related derivatives, such as shopping bags, garbage bags, films and outside package. The company is located in Xiangshi Road Jin Ban Industrial Zone of Kunshan, Jiangsu Province and runs 10 Coperion dual screw extruders, automatic feeding and packaging. DM have a capacity of 32, 000 tones/year. Their product BSR-09 was developed for blown film application and is EN 13432/ASTM 6400 certified compostable. bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/13] Vol. 8 33

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