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Packaging Film provided

Packaging Film provided by Oerlemans Plastics B.V. 1 ton of Braskem´s Green Polyethylene captures more than 2 tons * of CO 2 Green Polyethylene offers unique opportunities, thus helping you to meet your sustainability goals. Braskem´s Code of Conduct underlines the company´s commitment to operating in accordance with sustainable development principles. Sugarcane sourced in South Brazil does not disturb the Amazon Rain Forest. Green PE provides you with the perfect solution for your biobased packaging application: • High content of renewable ressources • Outstanding CO 2 capturing • Properties as fossil based PE • Identical processability: Drop-In Solutions • 100% recyclable in existing polyethylene streams * Carbon Footprint calculated from cradle to polymer factory gate (t CO2 eq./t polymer), Preliminary Ecoefficiency Analysis by Espaço Eco Foundation. For more information, please visit •

Editorial dear readers Michael and Jenny (Covergirl 05/2011) bioplastics MAGAZINE has already reported a couple of times about the PLA beverage cups that are collected and recycled at large festivals, sport events or rock concerts. “So why not do it myself?” I thought earlier this year. During a rather small local festival in my home town of Mönchengladbach in Germany I succeeded in convincing the organizers to sell beer in PLA cups (Ingeo cups supplied by Huhtamaki). And just like at the other festivals or concerts, the guests were offered a free drink for each ten returned cups. The collected cups will be sent to Purac to be recycled during one of the next uses of the Perpetual Plastic Project’s recycling machine (see p. 54). The festival is a typical German Schützenfest (see for an explanation), and this year I was one of the two Ministers to the King of Marksmen, wearing a traditional red hussar’s uniform. Now… after combining job and leisure… back to business: And back to recycling of PLA, which is one of the highlights in this issue, even though we could not obtain the latest news about the future of the chemical recycling system LOOPLA in time to include it. The project will be continued by Futerro after Galactic decided to orient its development towards more specific solutions for the food and pharmaceutical sectors, and we still offer our readers a lot of other articles and news around the recycling of PLA. We will certainly keep you updated on the future of LOOPLA… The other editorial focus is on injection moulding of components for use in durable applications. Because durable applications have become an increased focus of attention in the bioplastics world, we also decided to dedicate the third day of our Bioplastics Business Breakfast, during the upcoming K’2013 trade fair, to durable applications. Finally this issue is once again rounded off by another of our basics articles, this time on succinic acid, and lots of industry and applications news. As usual, our events calendar provides an overview about forthcoming conferences and trade shows. I’m looking forward to seeing one or more of you at one of these events. Until then, we hope you enjoy reading bioplastics MAGAZINE Sincerely yours Michael Thielen Follow us on twitter! Be our friend on Facebook! bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/13] Vol. 8 3

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