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Injection Moulding Not

Injection Moulding Not only for film making Potential applications: ecovio IS for injection moulding Six years ago BASF launched the compostable plastic ecovio ® – which is biodegradable as defined by EN 13432 and based to a large extent on renewable resources. Since then the material was able to prove itself in a variety of film applications. To date, the primary fields of application have been bags for collecting biodegradable waste and mulching film, which helps to cultivate fruit and vegetables in fields. Now BASF has once again added variants to its range of the compostable and partially biobased plastic ecovio. The ecovio T2308 is now available for the processing method of thermoforming. For injection moulding the company offers the new ecovio IS1335 grade. Both of these products are now available in commercial quantities. They consist predominantly of renewable raw materials and lend themselves well for being dyed. Thermoforming: Processing on conventional flat-film installations The new ecovio T2308 can now be used to make thermoformed trays and cups can. It exhibits mechanical properties similar to those of amorphous PET, but it differs from this conventional thermoforming material by its compostability and its high content of renewable resources (PLA). The content of ecoflex ® , which is BASF’s compostable polyester, accounts for the fact that the material is not too stiff or too brittle. Thus, thermoformed trays and cups are not damaged during transportation and storage. The ecoflex component also ensures a balanced stiffness-to-strength ratio and sufficient low-temperature impact strength. The processing window for ecovio T, between 80°C and 120°C, is very broad in comparison to other plastics. Processing can be carried out on conventional flat-film installations and at the processing speeds that are typical for thermoforming. Like all ecovio grades, it also complies with the stipulations for products that come into contact with food. The material is translucent and can be adequately sealed with cover films. Injection molding: For thin-walled highquality packaging The second novelty in the ecovio product line, the injectionmoulding grade ecovio IS1335, can be processed using single-cavity or multi-cavity moulds that are equipped with or without hot runners. This material exhibits moderate flowing characteristics and is dimensionally stable under heat up to 55°C (HDT-B). This variant lends itself for thin-walled, complex and high-quality packaging, which should preferably be manufactured by injection moulding and should be compostable. The product can also be decorated employing in-mould labeling. Results of experiments on compostability show that, depending on the application, injection-moulded products made of ecovio IS1335 having wall thicknesses of as much as 1.1 mm degrade in accordance with the EN 13432 standard for compostable packaging. Thicker mouldings will certainly biodegrade completely too, however, it takes longer than required in the compostability standards. A first serial application of this new injection mouldable ecovio grade is just being finalized together with a customer, a newcomer in the market. In this application (for the time being still confidential) the compostable plastic is part of a system solution for food packaging. The injection moulded grade is being used in combination with an ecovio-based multi-layer system with specific barrier properties. 16 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/13] Vol. 8

organized by supported by 17. - 19.10.2013 Messe Düsseldorf, Germany Bioplastics in Packaging Bioplastics Business Breakfast B 3 PLA, an Innovative Bioplastic Bioplastics in Durable applications Subject to changes Call for Papers now open Contact: Dr. Michael Thielen ( At the World’s biggest trade show on plastics and rubber: K’2013 in Düsseldorf bioplastics will certainly play an important role again. On three days during the show from Oct 17 - 19, 2013 (!) biopolastics MAGAZINE will host a Bioplastics Business Breakfast: From 8 am to 12 noon the delegates get the chance to listen and discuss highclass presentations and benefit from a unique networking opportunity. The trade fair opens at 10 am. Bio meets plastics. The specialists in plastic recycling systems. An outstanding technology for recycling both bioplastics and conventional polymers

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