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Materials Structural

Materials Structural infusion resin DSM presents Beyone 1, Styrene-free and Cobalt-free structural infusion resin with 40 % bio-content DSM recently announced the introduction of Beyone 1, a new high performance resin system. The new resin combines excellent mechanical strength and fatigue resistance, ease of processing, and reduced impact on the environment. The Beyone 1 resin is a BluCure Product, is styrene- as well as cobalt-free, and contains approximately 40% of raw materials based on renewable resources. This resin is targeted at applications in building, infrastructure, marine and wind energy. The new Beyone 1 resin is uniquely combining the great processing characteristics typical for polyester and vinyl ester resins, and excellent strength and fatigue resistance associated with epoxy resins. The low resin viscosity enables easy impregnation and high processing speeds, saving cost and yielding high process output. Close to 40% of the raw materials used for this resin are derived from renewable resources, diminishing considerably the ecological footprint and already clearing the way for continued supply in future when availability of fossilbased raw materials may be reduced. “The bio-ingredients in the current formulation are derived from corn”, as Thomas Wegman, Marketing Manager DSM Composite Resins AG, explained to bioplastics MAGAZINE. At the same time, DSM has increased its efforts to investigate routes for making these specific raw materials from secondary organic sources, i.e. not competing with the food chain. The Beyone 1 resin has been based on a new proprietary technology developed by DSM incorporating different types of reactive diluents and bio-ingredients. “We call this internally our 2nd generation Styrene-free technology”, as Thomas points out. “Today we cannot give you more information, but rest assured you will hear more from us in the future!” “DSM has been able to develop this (…) resin using its wide expertise in Styrene-free and Cobalt-free technology”, says Robert Puyenbroek, Chief Technical Officer of DSM Composite Resins. “This new resin is 40% bio-based and also demonstrates great performance, so we believe that we are redefining the standard for the industry both in performance and sustainability: truly a Green Revolution.” “Since many years DSM is living its Sustainable Innovation strategy, as we lead the industry in pushing the limits of traditional resin system”, adds Fons Harbers, European Commercial Director DSM Composite resins. “With the Beyone 1 resin we deliver as promised true innovation to the market, so together with our customers we can grow and create more value with composites”. MT Fatigue Stress Max (MPa) 700 600 500 400 300 Currently Used High Performance Epoxy Infusion Grade Beyone 1 Currently used Vinyl Ester Infusion Grade 200 100 0 1,E+00 1,E+01 1,E+02 1,E+03 1,E+04 1,E+05 1,E+06 1,E+07 Number of Cycles 34 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/13] Vol. 8

Application News Storage boxes Compostable juicer bags Cardia Bioplastics (Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia) is pleased to announce that Breville Group Limited (headquartered in Botany, New South Wales, Australia), a global designer and manufacturer of small kitchen appliances will purchase and market Cardia’s compostable juicer bags as part of its Juicer accessory offering to consumers. The company 4e solutions GmbH (Filderstadt Germany) was recently awarded with the Best New Product Award 2013 for their stackable storage box systems ajaa! made from two different ARBOBLEND ® formulations (made by TECNARO, Ilsfeld-Auenstein, Germany) at the leading trade fair for organic products BioFach in Nuremberg, Germany. “We are happy that BioFach visitors choose our ajaa! boxes for the Best New Product Award. With these products we are launching a world first, because our boxes, unlike any other commercial products of this kind, are made from 100% renewable resources”, says Raphael Stäbler, founder and CEO of 4e solutions. Moreover, the boxes are very practical in everyday life: They are stackable, freezer safe, dishwasher-safe and food safe. The ajaa! range of boxes for storing pasta, cereal, grains, rice, sausage, cheese, vegetables, sugar, flour, and more currently comprises four different sizes: 0.6 liters and 1.4 liters with a square base and 0.9 liters and 2.1 liters with elongated base. All boxes are available in plain white and can be individually combined with four subtle color variations in the seals: lime, pink, tangerine and cool gray. For the first time in market, a stiff but impact resistant compound (made of a biopolymer, natural minerals and waxes) for the box casing was combined with a coloured sealing grade made out of Tecnaro’s new bio-based Thermoplastic Elastomers product family. Based on a joint research project supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF/PTJ), improved formulations have been developed for this application. They can be jointly recycled as they are compatible to each other. 4e solutions GmbH’s brand ajaa! stands for products which help simplifying life. Practical use is combined with innovative design. The new storage boxes are made from renewable resources and guarantee a long living, a truly sustainable solution. MT Breville is a leader in juicer sales and has launched the compostable juicer bags in packs of 30, for sale where you can buy Breville Juicers in the USA and can also be purchased online at Breville’s launch in the USA has implemented the 100% compostable The Clean & Green juicer pulp bag, with its Juice Fountain ® range of juice extractors to encourage environmentally-friendly waste disposal practices. The bags are made fo Cardia’s compostable bioplastics which is made from GMO free corn starch and certified by BPI according to ASTM D6400 International Standards. Michelle Smith-Aiken, Breville’s USA Category Manager for Food Prep said: “We recognized that consumers are always looking for even faster clean-up when they’re using a juicer and that most were using their produce bags in their pulp bins to help with the clean up. We saw this as an unhealthy disposal of plastic and wanted to come up with a more environmentally responsible way. The Clean & Green juicer bags are the solution for a faster clean up while providing a fully compostable option to dispose of the pulp.” Cardia’s Chairman Pat Volpe said: “Partnering with a global consumer products company such as Breville on this project and the successful launch by Breville to its customer base in the USA, is an endorsement and credit to Breville as they lead the way to environmental friendly practices. It also demonstrates Cardia’s versatile Bioplastics technologies as Cardia wins the confidence of a world class designer and maker of kitchen appliances”. This is an important achievement for Cardia and adds another leading global brand to the Company’s customer portfolio. This also confirms Cardia’s view of a global shift with major brand owners and packaging companies wanting to transition from conventional oil based plastic packaging products to bioplastics that have and environmental benefit and a lower carbon foot print. The global shift towards green economies is gaining significant traction as individuals, companies and Governments are looking at ways to reduce their impact on the environment and looking at new technologies that can reduce their carbon footprint. Cardia is wellplaced to capitalise on this trend supported. MT 100% compostable ‘the Clean & Green’ juicer bag developed by Cardia Bioplastics for the Breville Juicer Fountain range bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/13] Vol. 8 35

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