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Chinaplas Preview

Chinaplas Preview WinGram WinGram Industrial, a Hong Kong based company specialized in cellulose based material, started with traditional CA 15 years ago. WinGram is a major CA material supplier to most of the spectacle frame makers in China who produce European and US high quality branded frames. Two years ago they started developing biodegradable CA and successfully formulated their own 100% biodegradable polymer material which was recently certified to ISO14855 and EN 13432. WinGram also offers PLA based products. Their HRS material features high toughness and heat resistance. HRS offers a very high crystallization speed and heat resistance up to 120°C. That means HRS products are microwaveble. After crystallization HRS has a very high surface gloss, comparable to as ceramics. Thus, HRS is a very good alternative to melamine. HRS has earned certificates for the safety issues, such as FDA food contact approval, REACH, RoHS, phthalates etc. One of WinGrams PLA products is the first BOPLA (Biaxially Oriented Poly Latic Acid) commercially made in China. After the biaxial orientation process, PLA film becomes very flexible, has a high transparency and high gloss. BOPLA films are compostable, renewable, offer good heat sealability. They are very suitable for food packaging of candy and for window cartons. 12.2N59 Myriant Corporation Myriant is developing a broad pipeline of bio-based chemicals, including succinic acid, that will perform as well as or better than traditional petroleum based products. The cost-advantage technology platform produces chemicals that have similar or better purity and performance as those made from petroleum, while providing a 95% reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG). Myriant’s bio-succinic acid can be used to produce a variety of materials, including polyurethanes and biodegradable plastics, enabling customers to improve the sustainability of their products without paying a green price premium. 12.2M53 Xinfu Zhejiang Hangzhou Xinfu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is, among other things, a global leading manufacturer of vitamin B5. In addition XINFU specializes in the field of biochemicals, fine chemicals and Eco-Materials. Biocosafe is a type of biodegradable macromolecular polymer synthesized from diacid and diols by a direct process of condensation polymerization catalyzed by a highly effective non-toxic catalyzer that is developed by XINFU. It is certified compostable as to EN13432 and ASTM D6400. Uhde Inventa-Fischer The engineering company Uhde Inventa-Fischer, based in Berlin, Germany and Domat/Ems, Switzerland as well as the ThyssenKrupp Uhde Group will present at their booth in the bioplastics zone, the latest innovations and developments in the fields of production plants for monomers, intermediates and polymers as well as highpressure technology systems and components. Uhde Inventa-Fischer has proven the potential of its self-developed, patented polylactic acid (PLA) technology, PLAneo ® , at its proprietary pilot plant in Guben, Germany with a production capacity of 500 tonnes of polymer granules a year. The completely continuous process is perfectly suited to large-capacity industrial production plants. For the production of PLA commercially available lactic acid is used. This is converted to granules with a yield in excess of 95%. The plant enables all common PLA types as well as a multitude of modified specialities to be produced. The full range of applications of the PLA process includes film and fibre types and masterbatch base polymers as well as specialities, such as PLA copolymers and stereocomplex PLA with an increased heat resistance. 12.2M56 The Biocosafe resin series includes Biocosafe 1803 (PBSA), Biocosafe 1903 (PBS) and Biocosafe 2003 (PBAT), which can satisfy the different processing requirements of injection moulding, extrusion, blown film, fibre, bristle, straw and tube. Xinfu also have a research team to develop resin modification and product applications. XINFU is seeking opportunities to cooperate with different partners in order to develop biodegradable plastic market. 12.2M43 30 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/13] Vol. 8

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