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Bio-Flex ® Mulch –

Bio-Flex ® Mulch – Catching up with spring Bio-Flex ® Mulch provides you with the perfect solution for your biodegradable mulchfilm application. Join in our commitment for sustainable solutions, by using plastics made by nature! Mulchfilms made from Bio-Flex ® offer: • compostability accourding to EN 13432, ASTM D 6400, NFU 52001 • superior water resistance • high weed suppression • high strength • cost-efficiency For more information, visit •

Editorial dear readers In our Basics section we try to explain the term biorefinery. A problem is, when thinking and talking about biorefineries, one automatically ends up in an argument about the utilization of biomass for material use versus energy use (the food/fuel discussion is a separate one and is being dealt with separately). Many in the bioplastics sector agree that, as part of a cascading use system, renewable resources should be initially used at least once for their material value. At the end of that chain they can still be used to produce energy. Once in a while I explain the situation to my non-expert private friends, in a simplified way, like this: “Dear energy industry, you can generate renewable energy from water, wind or the sun — or from biomass…. We cannot make bioplastics from water, wind or the sun. So, please leave the biomass to us, to make bioplastics. After a long life with recycling etc. we will eventually give it back to you, so you can still get the energy out of it.” From my university professor of plastics processing I learned, about 25 years ago, that “plastic is just borrowed energy” – and this is also true for biomass-based plastics. Other highlights in this issue are rigid packaging / thermoforming, a preview of the Bioplastics Zone at Chinaplas (the second biggest trade fair in the world covering plastics and rubber), and we look at two new sources of qualified information about the market development for bioplastics. Finally this issue is once again rounded off by lots of industry and applications news… Follow us on twitter! As usual, our events calendar provides an overview about forthcoming conferences and trade shows. I’m looking forward to seeing one or more of you at one of these events. Until then, we hope you enjoy reading bioplastics MAGAZINE Sincerely yours Michael Thielen Be our friend on Facebook! bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/13] Vol. 8 3

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