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Rigid Packaging Accurate

Rigid Packaging Accurate environmental claims for thermoformed products The day before the 2012 European Bioplastics conference a workshop was hosted on what constitutes accurate environmental claims. A pdf-version of a special marketing communication guide is available for download. Here two companies shall be highlighted that are making a point of embracing clear, supportable marketing messages: Huhtamaki, headquartered in Espoo, Finland and Eco- Products from Boulder, Colorado, USA. Each company produces successful lines of thermoformed foodservice products and each clearly and factually conveys the environmental value of those products. Huhtamaki took an early lead in Europe with its Ingeo thermoformed trays, clamshells, cups etc. and has been an innovator in partnering with festivals and business and sporting events to significantly reduce foodservice waste going into landfills. For example, the smart cup program of festivals organized by LOC 7000 gives everyone at a festival a free drink for collecting and turning in a certain number of cups. Another example is the world famous Karneval in Cologne, Germany. After supplying PLA beer cups for a glass free (and eventually zero-waste) street carnival in Cologne since 2010 Huhtamaki is now officially cooperating with Festkommitee des Kölner Karneval (the official festival committee of the carnival in Cologne). Huhtamaki’s target is to gain more carnival associations for the use of Huhtamaki PLA cups. Huhtamaki is a member of a project team with RE/PLA Cycle GmbH (Cologne/Germany, a company of the Reclay- Group), aiming at the constitution and establishment of a closed recycling loop for PLA. This attention to a sustainable solution for large venue food service items helps to set Huhtamaki apart as an innovator. Eco-Products, which has been in the renewables market since its founding in 1990, recently developed the new Zero line of hot and cold cups. The company says the new thermoformed Ingeo cold cups and hot beverage paper cups lined with Ingeo are fully carbon offset thanks to investments in greater sustainability the company is making . The ZeroLine is another addition to the company’s GreenStripe ® family of products made from 100 percent renewable resources; both the hot cup and cold cup meet ASTM standards for compostability. The carbon offsets for the ZERO line are informed by two years of product Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) work done by Eco- Products in an effort to better understand the cradle-tograve environmental impacts associated with their complete product portfolio. Eco-Products offers customers the ability to receive customized reports detailing the life cycle impacts of their purchases, enabling universities, hospitals, corporate campuses, and others to quantify environmental impacts which in turn helps these foodservice organization in quantifying their own carbon footprint reduction efforts. Eco-Products emphasizes to customers that its Ingeo PLA products are compostable in commercial compost facilities and provides a link for organizations to locate the nearest composter, i.e. Both these companies demonstrate product excellence with the kind of forthright marketing that helps to further bioplastics adoption in the foodservice industry. MT 18 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/13] Vol. 8

Polylactic Acid Uhde Inventa-Fischer has expanded its product portfolio to include the innovative stateof-the-art PLAneo ® process. The feedstock for our PLA process is lactic acid, which can be produced from local agricultural products containing starch or sugar. The application range of PLA is similar to that of polymers based on fossil resources as its physical properties can be tailored to meet packaging, textile and other requirements. Think. Invest. Earn. Uhde Inventa-Fischer GmbH Holzhauser Strasse 157–159 13509 Berlin Germany Tel. +49 30 43 567 5 Fax +49 30 43 567 699 Uhde Inventa-Fischer AG Via Innovativa 31 7013 Domat/Ems Switzerland Tel. +41 81 632 63 11 Fax +41 81 632 74 03 marketing@uhde-inventa-fi www.uhde-inventa-fi Uhde Inventa-Fischer

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