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Automotive Retainer The

Automotive Retainer The airbag retainer is the structural backbone of an airbag system. It connects the single airbag components to an assembly and during deployment the retainer keeps the whole airbag and its components in position and has to withstand a high dynamic load of approximately 1,500 kg. Due to its good ductility and strength mainly PA6 GF40 (impact modified) is used for airbag retainers. As a biobased substitute PA6.10 GF40 was chosen. This sebacine acid (bio-) based polyamide has comparable basic properties to standard PA 6 GF40 in terms of stiffness, impact resistance, strength, dimensional stability and warpage, and due to its lower moisture absorption, compared to PA6, it shows superior performance after high humidity storage. Bezel To enhance the car interior appeal OEMs use bezels and covers to set visual accents. The main requirements for this component are excellent appearance, good scratch resistance and an adequate impact behaviour, such as is required for dashboards. Different biobased materials were compared. PTT convinced the engineers with its excellent optical properties. Due to its crystallinity Sorona shows a superior depth effect with a shiny lustre which is comparable to a multi-layer painting appearance. This material gives the ability to produce parts with a premium appearance only by injection molding. magnetic_148, 175.00 lpi 15.00° 75.00° 0.00° 45.00° 14.03.2009 10:13:31 Prozess CyanProzess MagentaProzess GelbProzess Schwarz Magnetic for Plastics • International Trade in Raw Materials, Machinery & Products Free of Charge • Daily News from the Industrial Sector and the Plastics Markets • Current Market Prices for Plastics. • Buyer’s Guide for Plastics & Additives, Machinery & Equipment, Subcontractors and Services. The only weak point of Sorona is that it did not pass all scratch resistance tests of Takata’s customers. The tests results are so close to requirements that it is expected to be given a deviation approval where it is necessary. Steering wheel (foam) Today the steering wheel basically consists of a frame that is mostly responsible for the power transfer from driver to steering column and the stability of the steering wheel. The frame is coated with foam. The foam is lacquered and forms the surface of the steering wheel, or leather is glued to the foam and sewn. This foam has to meet the customers’ lifetime, outgassing and hardness requirements. A biobased foamed, TPU, showed a good performance in resistance to critical substances, hydrolysis storage and heat ageing. For resilience, abrasion and hardness slight deviations to the specification were found. However, Takata is confident that a material modification will solve the abrasion issue. The foam hardness and the resilience deviation are mainly for tactile reasons. So no negative impact in the steering wheel functionality are expected. Conclusion The feasibility of a steering wheel, including an airbag, is proven through numerous tests with all components. From the technical point of view there are some slight deviations according to current specifications which are not significant to the functionality. The showcase model consists up to 50 % of plant-based raw materials. The experts at Takata are sure that the weight increase of 7% compared to fossil-oil based raw materials can be compensated due to the better mechanical properties (e.g. Polyamide 6.10). The biggest handicap of biobased polymers in steering wheels and airbags is the much higher raw material price (100-250% additional costs). To enable the success of biobased polymers for the automotive industry it needs not only technical performance, but also external stimulation such as a high fossil oil price, tax privileges for CO 2 reduction or a positive customer approach. The showcase development project introduced here will go ahead to represent always the newest capabilities in biobased polymers for Takata’s products. • Job Market for Specialists and Executive Staff in the Plastics Industry Up-to-date • Fast • Professional 16 bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/13] Vol. 8

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