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News PolyOne launches 99% bio-based plasticizer In early November, PolyOne Corporation introduced reFlex 300 bioplasticizer. Derived from rapidly renewable feedstocks and certified to contain 99% bio-based content, this non-phthalate alternative provides a one-for-one replacement for general-purpose plasticizers used in flexible vinyl formulations. PolyOne reFlex 300 bioplasticizer can help customers reduce their carbon footprint and eliminate phthalates without compromising in-service performance. Further, this new technology assists manufacturers and brand owners in satisfying the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which bans certain phthalates in products used by children. Certified to be 99% bio-based (ASTM D6866), reFlex 300 bioplasticizer can enable users to explore certification of their own products to this standard, potentially resulting in preferential procurement status with the United States Federal Government in the USDA BioPreferered ® program. Flexible vinyl markets and applications that can benefit from reFlex 300 bioplasticizer include: • Healthcare – tubing and connectors • Electrical components – plugs and insulators • Building and construction products – weather stripping, gaskets, office furniture, and flooring • Consumer goods – toys and shoes PolyOne reFlex 300 bioplasticizer is the second technology to be commercialized as a result of a development alliance between PolyOne and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM). In April of this year, PolyOne introduced fast-fusing reFlex100 bioplasticizer. The business directory iBIB as iPad App The new International Business Directory for Innovative Bio-based Plastics and Composites (iBIB2012/2013), co-published by nova-institute (Huerth/Germany) and bioplastics MAGAZINE is the most successful ever: Six month after its publication date the directory experienced more than 15,000 downloads of single company profiles and over 2,000 downloads of the complete directory - in addition to mailings (to 34,000 customers) and distribution at fairs and exhibitions of the printed version (4,000). Jahreskalender von Kindern mit Behinderung Jetzt kostenlos reservieren: Tel. 06294 428170 E-Mail: The iBIB 2012/2013 can be downloaded from iBIB2012-2013.pdf The iBIB online database is accessible via Info: Now the unique and informative directory can also be used offline on any iPad - for free! To get the app, visit: App bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/12] Vol. 7 5

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