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Opinion Also, some

Opinion Also, some consumers take issue with biobased materials made from genetically altered crops, or are concerned about the effect agriculturally based content may have on food prices. Some may question the sustainability of the harvesting practices. Finally, some consumers seem to be concerned that biobased ingredients are imported rather than domestic. This may be an issue because of the carbon impacts associated with transporting the materials from distant shores or effects on domestic farmers. • Confusion and misinformation. Many marketers and even scientists still mix up the terms ‘bio-based’ and ‘bio-degradable’. Both these properties are absolutely independent. Biobased refers to the origin of a material and biodegradable refers to the end-of-life. Biobased does not mean a material is biodegradable and vice-versa. Success Strategies To market biobased products and packaging with impact, relevance and credibility consider the following strategies: • Promote uniformity to let consumers compare biobased content by adhering to ASTM D6866. Disclose the source of the biobased content and specify content that applies to product and package. Understand implications of grammatical constructions of ‘made with’, ‘made from’ and ‘made of’. • Follow FTC Green Guides (in the U.S.) and other applicable country guidelines when making environmental marketing claims of or related to biobased content. In the U.S., revised FTC Green Guides that specifically address ‘biodegradable’, ‘compostable’, ‘renewable’, and possibly ‘plant-based’ are imminent. Despite obvious consumer associations of biobased as ‘ecofriendly’, avoid what FTC describes as ‘generalized environmental benefit claims’. Avoid images of ‘planets, babies and daisies’, which could imply the product is greener or contain more biobased content than in fact. • Support claims with the USDA Certified Biobased label and other applicable biobased certifications to underscore credibility. Educate consumers on the meaning of ‘biobased’. • Consider additional complementary sustainability-related certifications as appropriate. For instance, many products qualify for Compostable, USDA Organic, U.S. EPA’s Design for Environment, and Green Seal certification labels. The same is true for different certification schemes in a number of other countries. • Carefully research and address consumer ‘red flag’ concerns. Reassure about performance and specify product applications. Address GMO issues proactively; one innovative example: Stonyfield Farm chose biomaterials for yogurt cups to help reduce carbon emissions, a particularly vexing issue for their brand. To address concerns about GMO corn used to make the PLA in the cups, they purchased offsets from the Land Use Group to farmers who grow corn using traditional seed. Info: In her book ‘The New Rules of Green Marketing’, J. Ottman, considered to be the US’s foremost expert on green marketing, provides unparalleled insight into the changing needs of mainstream consumers, how companies large and small have responded with fresh green marketing strategies, what it takes to succeed, and what the future of marketing will look like. Paperback 252 pages Greenleaf-Publishing, U.K. £16.95, ISBN 978-1-906093-44-0 Berret-Koehler, U.S. US-$ 21.95, ISBN: 978-1605098661 46 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/12] Vol. 7

PRESENTS THE seventh ANNUAL GLOBAL AWARD FOR DEVELOPERS, MANUFACTURERS AND USERS OF BIO-BASED PLASTICS. Call for proposals Enter your own product, service or development, or nominate your favourite example from another organisation Please let us know: 1. What the product, service or development is and does 2. Why you think this product, service or development should win an award 3. What your (or the proposed) company or organisation does Your entry should not exceed 500 words (approx 1 page) and may also be supported with photographs, samples, marketing brochures and/or technical documentation (cannot be sent back). The 5 nominees must be prepared to provide a 30 second videoclip More details and an entry form can be downloaded from Sponsors welcome for different award categories The Bioplastics Award will be presented during the 7th European Bioplastics Conference November 06/07, 2012, Berlin, Germany supported by

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