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Application News (Photo: nova-Institute) Scuffproof toys Martin Fuchs Spielwaren, is a German toy manufacturer from Zirndorf since almost a centrury…. After starting with plastic toys in the 1960s the company launched its ‘Spielstabil’ (rigid toys) line of products and is consequently relying on ‘Made in Germany’. The high quality products are only sold via specialised stores with competent customer consulting. In 2009 Fuchs started to use ecologically sustainably materials. The latest product line ‘bioline’ comprises among other items, a series of ‘indestructible’ sandbox toys. The material used is a (>70% biobased) blend from PLA, PHA and other components (made by Linotech, Waldenburg, Germany and Livemold, Breitungen, Germany), which makes the products 100% biodegradable. “Not exactly compostable,” as Martin Vollet, Technical Manager of Martin Fuchs points out.” But composting is not the targeted end of life… . At least, these toys will never be found by archaeologists.” For the end of life, this toy manufacturer has a very special solution. They ask consumers to send back their old toys, rather than dispose them. Fuchs promise to recycle even the oldest and dirtiest toys. This is possible by applying a special 2-component injection moulding technology. Here the post consumer scrap is injected as a core material in a 2-layer structure. The outer layer is beautifully coloured virgin material. Bioplastic Connector Molex Incorporated, LisleISLE, Illinois, USA, announced the Stac64-e connector for automotive applications has received third party Environmental Claims Validation (ECV). The UL Environment ECV certification confirms that the Stac64-e connector contains 71 % bio-based content in accordance with ASTM D6866-11. Constructed of resin derived from renewable plant-based castor oil, the Stac64-e harness connector provides an alternative to traditional petroleum-based connectors while offering equivalent performance and quality characteristics. Designed to withstand harsh environments, the 20-circuit, dual-row harness Stac64-e connector has also successfully completed USCAR-2 Standard Class II validation testing for mechanical, environmental and electrical performance characteristics for unsealed connector automotive applications. The bioplastic resin Stac64-e connector joins an existing portfolio of Molex Stac64 PCB connectors featuring a stackable, modular housing which can be ganged together into larger header assemblies, significantly reducing timeto-market by eliminating the need for custom tooling. Stac64 connectors support the needs of navigation, instrumentation, and other automotive applications. “Driving demand for innovative automotive electronics, we see a global proliferation of factories manufacturing vehicles with an array of sustainable components. Durable bioplastic based resins offer an excellent alternative to traditional resins,” states Mark Rettig, global marketing director, Molex. “For customers interested in reducing the use of petroleum- based resins without sacrificing quality, Molex connectors constructed of bioplastic resins are a natural fit.” Recognizing the role of responsible automotive component manufacturers in advancing sustainable automotive design, Molex will continue to develop and build on its bioplastic based resin connector portfolio as a supplement to current product offerings 24 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/12] Vol. 7

Application News High Performance PA for connectors Edgetek AMX is a high performance polyamide compound by PolyOne, using PA10T as the base resin, which offers high heat resistance, high flowability, high weld line strength and ultra low moisture uptake. Compared with other high temperature polyamide, the low moisture uptake can dramatically avoid the blistering issue during IR reflow process. The base resin of Edgetek AMX is PA10T, a bioderived material (50% derived from castor bean), which can address the sustainability concerns through the reduction of CO 2 emission and energy consumption at the beginning of the product life cycle, which reduces the carbon footprint of the final products. Edgetek AMX compounds offer the lowest moisture uptake in all high temperature polyamides. This important feature is critical for connectors, and there will be no blistering risk during IR reflow process. Edgetek AMX inherits all the other properties of high temperature polyamide (toughness, high weld line strength, etc.). In addition, it is easy to achieve UL V-0 with halogen-free flame retardant. Edgetek AMX balanced the performance and cost for connector applications. The typical connector includes Signal/Backplane, Power, Memory card, FFC/FPC, Modular Jack, and BtB and I/O. Fairytale ending for premium sweets Miss Muffet & Co (London, UK) decided to use Innovia Films’ compostable cellulose-based material, NatureFlex to wrap its range of fairytale and nursery rhyme inspired premium confectionery. Miss Muffet & Co is company, set up by Sarah Cadman, who has a philosophy of using natural ingredients wherever possible. Outlining why she chose NatureFlex to wrap her range of quality sweets, Sarah stated, “It was really important for Miss Muffet & Co that our packaging had the lowest possible impact on the world around us and it had to clearly show the contents. We chose Innovia Films’ transparent NatureFlex, primarily due to its environmental credentials. At the same time it keeps our sweets tasting and looking good.” NatureFlex offers significant advantages for packing and converting such as inherent deadfold and anti-static properties, high gloss and transparency, resistance to grease and oil, good barrier to gases and aromas, print receptive surface and a wide heat-seal range. Transparent NatureFlex NE is used to flow wrap the sweets, which are then packed in beautifully designed, story book-shaped ‘keepsake’ boxes, with drawings by children’s illustrator, Rosie Brooks. The titles (stories) of sweets in the range include: Three Blind Sugar Mice, Oranges and Lemon Drops, Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk, Goldilocks and the Jelly Bears and Tom Thumb Drops. bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/12] Vol. 7 25

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