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Event Application News © liz linder photography, inc. Review: Innovation Takes Root Gary Hirshberg, Stonyfield Farm (© liz linder photography, inc.) The third biennial Innovation Takes Root Ingeo user’s forum (Feb. 20-22) in Orlando, Florida welcomed 314 attendees representing 171 companies from the USA and almost 50% from 20 different Asian, South American, and European countries. 27 exhibiting companies rounded the event off. Some of the many highlights are reported about below. Keynote addresses from Tom Clynes, acclaimed journalist, photographer, and author of Wild Planet, Gary Hirshberg (see photograph), co-founder and chairman of Stonyfield Farm, Steven Peterson, director of Sourcing Sustainability at General Mills, and Paul Conway, vice chair of Cargill discussed the macro issues facing society today and helped put into context the need for alternative solutions as opposed to business as usual. Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farm said that over dependence on fossil fuels, environmental health risks, weakened ecosystems, species loss, and pollinator decline are extremely troubling trend lines. He showed how Stonyfield Farm by focusing on key issues can make a difference. Stonyfield Farm, which in 2011 had sales of 6 million U.S., has over the past six years achieved a 46 % reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, an 11 % reduction in facility energy consumption, a 57 % reduction in waste, and lessoned its use of petroleum-based plastic as demonstrated through a reduction of 18 tractor trailer loads of plastic per year. Hirshberg passionately laid out the rationale for improvements to health, the environment, and the other trend lines he discussed earlier in his talk through heavier reliance on organic methodologies. Stonyfield Farm was the first company to move to bioplastic yogurt containers when it adopted an Ingeo blend in 2010. Session highlights from conference technical tracks Semi durables Arkema’s Plexiglas ® rNew technology has produced synergies in compounding PMMA with Ingeo that increase impact and chemical resistance that exceed conventional modified acrylics, allowing its products to compete with polymers such as PETG and PC while delivering excellent clarity and flow. IBM worked with a major compounder to establish a clear path to qualify Ingeo blends as potential replacements for polycarbonate. Polycarbonate represents 95 % of the materials consumed by IBM. This development opens the door for Ingeo expansion in IT applications. 12 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/12] Vol. 7

Event Packaging and food service “Sustainability in Sports Entertainment” showcased the journey the Portland Trail Blazers organization undertook to secure a Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification for its arena (the Rose Garden), marking the first time that significant cost savings have been attributed to compostable products. Many contributing elements were noted in the area of compostable food packaging. Waste diversion rates now exceed 80 %, an increase of more than 40 % since 2007. The sports organization’s sustainability journey to attain LEED Gold Certification incurred costs of 0,000, while total savings to date from waste diversion equaled 6,000. Specific to food and packaging wastes, the introduction of new solutions, including the use of Stalk Market branded food service ware, many derived from Ingeo, increased both the diversion of waste from landfills and the composting of food and packaging waste. Fibers NatureWorks reviewed data that showed new production capabilities are expanding the Ingeo resin product portfolio. In nonwoven fabrics, these new Ingeo resin grades provide lower shrinkage, increased dimensional stability, and opportunities for broader asset utilization. Films and flexible packaging ConAgra Foods showcased various film applications. From tamper bands to shrink sleeves, the adoption of rPLA has allowed packagers to down gauge film because of Ingeo’s higher stiffness, achieve higher yield because of the lower density, and reduce energy costs due to cooler shrink tunnel temperatures and ease of storage. In addition to all these advantages, consumer acceptance has risen because of the higher visual appeal and ease of removal for the Ingeo bands. FKuR announced several new grades of Ingeo-based films. These films are clear, flexible, and, depending upon the grade, have a range of barrier properties that can be used for packaging fresh produce and other prepared foods. Mestre-Venice, Italy, 23-24 April Enter the promotional code: MAGAZINE to receive 10% off the current listed rate! The Biopolymer World Congress 2012 is one of the not-tobe-missed biopolymer events of the year that is delivering engaging, thought-provoking speakers and world-renowned leaders. The Congress provides top quality education and artfully designed opportunities to network and interact with other industry professionals and biopolymer industry leaders. There are many reasons to attend the Biopolymer World Congress this 23-24 April in Mestre-Venice, Italy. Here are Just the Top 5 reasons You Should Attend the Congress: Recent Developments & Latest Challenges More Than Just Sit and Listen. We Are Truly Interactive Meet Industry Leaders from Across the Entire Value Chain Unsurpassed Networking Opportunities Cost Effective & High ROI as a Congress attendee, you have access to 21 educational talks, 10 interactive presentations, and 11 networking opportunities over the duration of the CONFERENCE. That’s 17+ hours worth of education and networking! bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/12] Vol. 7 13

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