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Personality Photo: European Bioplastics bM: What is your educational background? JW: At the university I studied chemistry and then started to work for Henkel. I did my PhD in polymer chemistry later, whilst I was already working in the industry. bM: What is your professional function today? JW: I’m the Head of materials at the NNFCC, the UK’s National Centre for Biorenewable energy, fuels and materials. And materials here cover all renewable materials including plastics, fibres, composites, wood etc. bM: How did you ‘come to’ bioplastics? John Williams JW: I came to bioplastics when I worked in R&D on adhesives and surface coatings. In the early 1990’s I worked on a Joint Venture with Zeneca on ‘Biopol’, a PHA-resin, which indeed reached the supermarket shelves in form of a Wella shampoo bottle. That’s how I came across bioplastics and ever since I have dabbled with it. bM: When were you born? JW: I was born in September 1961 in Widnes, a small town in what was then Lancashire, in the UK. bM: Where do you live today and how long have you lived there? JW: Today I live right in the middle of the historic city of York and we moved there about 5 months ago. Before that I lived on a farm in Lincolnshire. iBIB 2012 International Business Directory for Innovative Bio-based Plastics and Composites Pictures: nova-Institut, Sainsbury’s, Proganic Book now: For the 2 nd time worldwide: An entire overview of all suppliers of bio-based plastics and composites! In spring 2012 iBIB 2012 the second international directory of major suppliers of biobased plastics and composites will be published. Becoming an iBIB 2012 participant will enable you to reach about 20,000 potential industrial clients from all over the world. The print version will be distributed by the publishers and partners at trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences worldwide The PDF-version will be distributed widely by email and websides Online-database with detailed index to reach your supplier in a target oriented way iBIB 2012 : 250 pages – 100 companies, associations, R&D – 20 countries Book your page(s) now at: Deadline: 15 th January 2012 – Publication Date: 14 th March 2012 bM: What do you consider more important: ‘biobased’ or ‘biodegradable’? JW: Biobased. Biodegradability is a function of a material that you might require or you might not. Biobased is the basis for the whole bioeconomy process. bM: What has been your biggest achievement (in terms of bioplastics) so far? JW: I think it’s raising awareness of the materials, their properties, their markets and the sustainability issues and providing the context for their growth. bM: What are your biggest challenges for the future? JW: The biggest challenge, I think, is the next step. To convince the main players to more rapidly adopt more of these materials. bM: What is your family status? JW: I have two daughters, 17 and 19 years old from my first marriage. I have a new partner, Sandra and actually we are going to get married next year. bM: What is your favorite movie? I like ‘Spy Game’, with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt from 2001. bM: What is your favorite book? JW: I have a lot of books on military history but my favourite fiction stories are espionage like,‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’. It is a British spy novel by John le Carré from the mid Seventies. bM: What is your favorite (or your next) vacation location? JW: I love to go to Turkey, but next we go to South Africa. bM: What do you eat for breakfast on a Sunday? JW: Bacon-sandwich and coffee…the bacon has to be nice and crispy! bM: What is your ‘slogan’? In cooperation with Publisher JW: One of my favourites is: “You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough” nova-Institute GmbH | Chemiepark Knapsack | Industriestrasse 300 | D-50354 Hürth 48 Dominik bioplastics Vogt MAGAZINE | Phone: [06/11] +49 (0)2233 Vol. 64814 – 49 |

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