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Application News New Laminate Centroplast Spa from Meldola, Italy has a long and robust story in producing flexible packaging for the food industry. They are conscious of the importance to offer a sustainable packaging, with a significant reduction of the environmental impact, to food end-users. This is the reason why Centroplast, since years, has been searching solutions with a lower environmental impact. Now Centroplast is presenting to the market a new type of compostable packaging, satisfying different packaging requirements to achieve the same shelf life properties for the packed goods. However, compared with standard solutions no special settings on the production lines are required. This packaging has been developed using films compostable according to the EN 13432 standard. Regarding this project the R&D Manager Stefania Milandri explained that the development was carried out in collaboration with the main suppliers of raw materials and films. This led to a two layer laminate with high mechanical properties and excellent machinability in complex applications. The outer layer of consists of Ingeo PLA. It is laminated using a special adhesive to an inner layer which itself is coextruded from two different materials. This coextruded layer combines again PLA with a ‘new bioplastics’ derived from starch. More details were not disclosed at this time due to a proprietary recipe. This layer, however, gives the laminate a very good sealing strength, so that the packaging can hold even heavy products, such as rice and dried food. The adhesive used to laminate the two layers is completely compostable, providing at the same time a perfect bonding between the layers. In addition to the above mentioned compostable laminate, Centroplast has developed another laminate made out of paper with metalized poly-lactic acid for other food applications. MT Eco-Labels for Biobottles As a result of the extensive research in the field of environmental sustainability, Goglio Cofibox S.p.A., leader in the production of flexible laminates for the packaging of food products from Cadorago, Italy has developed a new eco-friendly label in PLA for its client Fonti di Vinadio SpA. The label is being applied on Sant’Anna PLA bottles, the first eco-friendly bottles that biodegrade within 80 days. The label has been developed to work with the reel fed technology, the most common one in the beverage market thanks to its high speed labeling, and it is suitable for all common standard gluing systems. Labels are available in thickness starting from 30µm. Furthermore, the transparency of the film is highly appreciated in the mineral water market, since it guarantees perfect clarity in the see through graphics in a mono-web structure. The PLA resin used for the label, Ingeo by NatureWorks, assures excellent film performances even on those equipment which up to today have used ‘traditional’ materials. In addition to this, Goglio Cofibox has developed exclusive bio inks to be used for printings on eco-friendly materials which, thanks to the Company’s 10-colors print rotogravure technology, allow to manufacture tailor-made, eye-catching printing effects on 100% green labels. The inks are certified compostable by Vinçotte and do of course not contain any toxic substances or heavy metals. This is one more example of Goglio Group’s flexible innovations towards environmentally friendly products. MT 34 bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/11] Vol. 6

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