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FKuR plastics – made

FKuR plastics – made by nature! ® Engineered Sustainability Mouse casing made from Biograde ® FKuR Kunststoff GmbH Siemensring 79 D - 47877 Willich Phone: +49 2154 92 51-0 Fax: +49 2154 92 51-51 For further information, contact your local partner: North America: UK & Ireland: Italy: France: Scandinavia: Israel:

Editorial dear readers Even if the cover picture shows an example of a consumer electronics product that was launched only this year, this little mouse is the only consumer electronics example we have in this issue. On the other hand the second highlight that we had announced — films|flexibles|bags — is packed with articles, opinions and application news. Be it multilayer laminates, barrier solutions or the hot topic of plastic bags, there is plenty of new information and food for thought for you, our readers. We apologize that the ‘basics’ article about film blowing and blown film extrusion respectively, had to be postponed to a later issue. Instead we are happy to present another informative and basic ‘opinion’ article on the use of agricultural resources for materials production vs energy vs food or animal feed usage. And we are happy to congratulate Danone for winning the 6 th Bioplastics Award, this year for the first time awarded exclusively by bioplastics MAGAZINE. The ‘Bioplastics Oskar’ — as it was called by delegates of the conference — was given to the brand owners in recognition of their exceptional commitment to the use of bioplastics in the packaging of their leading brand products. The ceremony was part of the 6 th European Bioplastics Conference on November 22 nd and 23 rd in Berlin, Germany. Congratulations to European Bioplastics as well for a great conference with a new record of 420 delegates. The team of bioplastics MAGAZINE would like to thank all of you for your loyalty, be it as reader, author or advertiser. We wish you some relaxing days at the end of the year. Let’s continue a fruitful cooperation in 2012 and see many of you at our 2 nd PLA World Congress on May 15 th and 16 th , 2012, in Munich, Germany. Follow us on twitter: Until then, we hope you enjoy reading bioplastics MAGAZINE Sincerely yours Michael Thielen Be our friend on Facebook: bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/11] Vol. 6 3

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