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Applications Urinal

Applications Urinal Botta The design approach of the Botta urinal was undertaken in the same way as the Olla. The Botta urinal opening in the neck is designed to be free of leaks and drips. The bag in which the urine is collected only has to be changed once a day. The bag is designed to block unpleasant odours when in use. The urine in the Botta can be easily and hygienically accessed for removing samples. Both, the injection moulded part and the film are based on PHA compounds. Other products will be developed in cooperation with the nursery and facility management staff of hospitals, like wash bowls, plates, cutlery, baskets for bread, all kinds of containers and many more possible applications. Benefits An investment in the Pharmafilter system delivers many benefits: Working more efficiently and effectively in cleaner and safer circumstances; less cost associated with transport of solid waste; reduced waste charges; significant reduction of waste streams into public management and control and reduction of health risks. Pharmafilter provides a platform for further innovation in management of hospital waste streams, produces energy from biogas, produces clean biomass suitable for re-use in CHP or agriculture/horticulture; re-use of water as process water and provides the hospital with a system that eliminates contamination of the environment from medicines and pathogens. Once the system is installed in the hospital, all kinds of departments with their specific waste streams can be connected to the infrastructure easily. Urinal Botta Energy and CO 2 Pharmafilter reduces CO 2 emissions. Some contributory factors include less dish washing, less use of elevators, less movements within the hospital, less road transportation and less incineration of waste. Organic materials, including bioplastic products are digested for more than 90% of their mass and converted into biogas. The biogas is used to heat the digester to 60°C and deliver power to the water purification plant. Digestion eliminates viruses and bacteria. The digestion process significantly reduces waste disposal and requires fewer trucks to transport the waste. All remaining waste can be recycled or turned into energy. Clean water Pharmafilter significantly reduces pharmaceutical substances in the surface waters. Contamination of water by medicines is a subject of serious concern and receives more and more public attention. Independent laboratory research has proven that Pharmafilter cleans water of medicines, germs, cytostatics, contrast liquids and endocrine substances. The purified water can be re-used as process water. Partners Pharmafilter BV is working together with principal stakeholders. Together with the important and crucial support of the Government of the Netherlands and the European Union we can realize our goal: ‘A cleaner hospital, a cleaner environment.’ Our Partners: The hospital ‘Reinier De Graaf Gasthuis’ in Delft, the District Water Control Board ‘Het Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland’ and the Foundation for Applied Water Research ‘STOWA’ have approved the 2 nd phase of the pilot with Pharmafilter. A full scale demonstration commenced in the summer of 2010 at the hospital Reinier De Graaf Gasthuis in Delft, Netherlands. The first commercial contract has been signed by the hospital ‘Zorgsaam’ in Terneuzen, the Netherlands. • 24 bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/11] Vol. 6

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