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Chinaplas Review Aaron,

Chinaplas Review Aaron, Overseas Sales Manager. Shouzhou Hanfeng New Material Co., Ltd. Chinaplas Review World’s Number Two Plastics Trade Fair Goes ‘Bio‘ Suzhou from Kunshang near Shanghai offer blends of PLA/ BPS/Starch for food containers (EN 13432/ASTM 6400), clamshells etc, and Starch/PP (70/30) for nonbiodegradable cups. Chinaplas, held from 17-20 May in Guangzhou is now the number two plastics trade fair in the World with more than 80.000 visitors and more than 2200 exhibitors. And bioplastics played an important role with a dedicated pavilion for biobased and degradable plastics. bioplastics MAGAZINE was part of it as an exhibitor and here is our short report. Dr. Su Xiao Hai, President Shenzhen Green World Biodegradable Materials Co., Ltd. Green World from Shenzhen have developed a series of biobased and biodegradable materials, called PBM (Plant-based Biodegradable Materials, no further details disclosed). Different grades for injection moulding, film blowing, thermoforming and fibre reinforced are available. 28 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/11] Vol. 6

Chinaplas Review Steven YS Wu, General Manager Guangzhou Bio-plus Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Bio+ are located in Guangzhou and modify PLA to offer special grades e.g. for higher temperature resistance, for foam applications, blow moulding and much more. Betty Ren, Ass. To Marketing Director Whuan Huali Biomaterial Co., Ltd. Wuhan Huali (PSM) presented themselves under their new brandname Ecoplast. The Company from Wuhan is known for their starch based materials and blends with PP. Kotaro Sagara, Deputy General Manager, PLA Group Leader Toray Industries, Inc. Toray from Tokyo, Japan showcased a PLA/PMMA blend from the material family Ecodear. This blend offers enhanced clarity and heat stability. A PLA/ABS blend for sophisticated injection mouldings was also presented. Benjamin Pan, Director, Sales & Marketing Suzhou HiPro Polymers Co., Ltd. Brian Lee, General Manager Cardia Bioplastics Myung-Ahn OK, Ph.D., Leader Green Pol Lab. SK Innovation The company from Jiangsu produces polyamides. Among others the (partly and fully) biobased PA 6.10, PA 10.10 and PA 10.12. Biogrande (Nanjing) PTY Ltd. with Cardia Bioplastics from Australia being their mother company, offer starch based materials for compostable (EN 13432/ASTM 6400) film and injection moulding applications as well as nondegradable so called biohybrids. SK Innovation from Daejeon, South Korea presented GreenPol, a polyalkylene carbonate plastic material copolymerized from waste CO 2 from SK’s petrochemical processes. GreenPol can meet most of the polyolefin characteristics with advantages in barrier functionality and disposal properties (esp. in a cleaner incineration process). bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/11] Vol. 6 29

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