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interpack Preview

interpack Preview Novamont, the leading Italian company in the bioplastics sector will present at interpack its innovative applications in Mater-Bi, the completely biodegradable and naturally compostable bioplastic. Mater-Bi, Novamont‘s main product, guarantees a resistance and strength very similar to traditional plastics. It is derived from renewable resources of agricultural origin, thereby reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and saving consumption of energy and non-renewable resources. Mater-Bi thus enables a complete ‚virtuous circle‘: raw materials of agricultural origin are returned to the soil by way of biodegrading and composting processes without the production of pollutants. Among the breakthrough products which Novamont will be putting on display at booth will be clingfilm, Naturene (see picture), and bubble film. 09 G01 Polylactide (PLA) and Polycaprolactone (PCL) biopolymer material supplier Shenzhen Brightchina Industrial Co. Ltd founded in 2002, started research, production and sales of PLA and PCL. In the city of Xiaogan (Hubei province) Brightchina has its own 300,000 square metre environmentally-friendly industrial park, with a capacity of 5000 tons for PLA and 3000 tons for PCL. They have branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin and Wuhan, with joint ventures in Hong Kong and Hungary. PLA supplied by Brightchina has been successfully used in injection applications such as toys, electrical housings, forks and spoons etc. Other applications, like film blowing, sheet producing and fibre making are also proved to work perfectly well. Brightchina PLA can meet the requirements of EN13432 and ASTM D6400. With the slogan “Better Nature Better Life” Shenzhen Brightchina welcomes visitors to their booth at interpack to present their latest innovations. 09E09 Biodegradable plastic bags represent one way to a hygienic and energetically sensible disposal of bio-waste. With their help more compost can be gained via industrial composting plants. This is why BASF does not only show shopping bags but also biowaste bags made from its biodegradable plastics Ecovio ® F and Ecovio FS. The new grade Ecovio FS Film contains an even higher content of renewable materials than its well-known predecessor Ecovio F Film. Paper cups coated with Ecovio FS Paper, a new Ecovio grade specifically developed for paper coating, will also be on display. Via classical extrusion coating lines known from PE-processing, paper can be coated with a thin biodegradable film made of Ecovio FS Paper. When inline-coating the paper with this fully biodegradable plastic, the customer can now manufacture paper cups or paper boxes for food that offer improved resistance against liquids without losing their option to be recycled in the normal paper recycling process. 09F04 and 10B43 34 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/11] Vol. 6

interpack Preview NatureWorks will showcase a host of packaging and other products made from Ingeo biopolymer. This product gallery will be similar to the one at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Cancun, Mexico, with a heightened emphasis on packaging including: yogurt from Stonyfield Farm, division of Danone; fresh food packaging from Walmart; and snack food flexible packaging from Snyder’s of Hanover, Frito-Lay, and Target. Booth staff will deliver information to attendees on the latest developments in Ingeo biopolymer flexible and rigid packaging. Cradleto-cradle reuse through lactic acid recovery programs both in Europe and in the United States will also be discussed. Bottled water from Italian firm Sant’Anna in the distinctive green Ingeo bottles will be given to visitors at the booth. Huhtamaki will be supplying Ingeo cold cups and paper cups with an Ingeo film moisture barrier. DS Fibers is supplying NatureWorks with Ingeo exhibition carpet for the booth. In a separate booth, Taghleef will be showing its Ingeo based films. 09H15 Taghleef Industries, the worldwide leader in bi-oriented polypropylene films, believes in responsible packaging and considers this as part of its DNA. The new range of BoPLA films, manufactured at the Ti plant in Italy using Ingeo polymers from NatureWorks and marketed under the brand NATIVIA, includes transparent and metalized heat sealable films, from 20 to 50 microns, for a number of flexible packaging applications ranging from flexible packaging for fresh produce, bakery, confectionery, snacks, hygiene, health & beauty care to lidding films, labels, stationery. All Nativia films are compostable according to EN 13432 norms, and achieved the 4-star BIO BASED certificate from Vinçotte. Examples of Nativia applications will be shown at the Taghleef Industries booth in hall 9 and presentations will be also given at the European Bioplastics stage. 09D24/E23 Plastiroll, Ylöjärvi, Finland premieres new, multilayer biodegradable films at interpack, which open a new era of bio-films for instance for fresh food packaging. Films are characterised by high transparency and excellent mechanical properties, as well as by very good grease and gas barrier properties, and by good water resistance. Several properties of this biodegradable barrier film can be tailored according to the customer requirements, by combining several biomaterials. Transparent bio-films are made of bio polymers certified according to EN13432, and are also GMO-free. Plastiroll produces biodegradable films since 1997. 09C24-2 Rodenburg Biopolymers, Oosterhout, The Netherlands, will be present on the Interpack show demonstrating the third generation of the patented bioplastic Solanyl®. On the exhibition stand visitors will find the newest developments and applications made with Solanyl as well as the possibility to discuss new opportunities and ideas. Solanyl is a bioplastic based on reclaimed starch of the potato processing industry, therefore it does not compete with the food chain. Solanyl is suitable for various processing techniques for example injection moulding, sheet extrusion/thermoforming and profile extrusion. For each technique different standard grades are available. For specific client requirements Rodenburg can, in close cooperation with the client, develop tailor made grades. 09D08 bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/11] Vol. 6 35

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