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interpack Preview Add ultimate functionality to your extruded thin and rigid PLA films and molded PLA parts with Sukano’s innovative biobased masterbatches and polymer alloys. Sukano’s Biopolymer product line consists of PLA based bioplastics grafted with Sukano technology. In this process the PLA polymer is enhanced by specific additives to ensure it can be processed and used like oil based plastics in many applications. Sukano bioconcentrates are highly concentrated masterbatches based on biopolymer carriers. Sukano offers biobased slip/antiblock, antistatic, UV masterbatches, nucleating agents and impact modifiers and a broad range of biobased optical masterbatches. Sukano ® Bioloy biobased alloys endow PLA with impact strength, durability, and easy processibility for semidurable applications. Sukano bioconcentrates and Sukano Bioloy are fully compostable on an industrial scale and feature a biobased carbon content of up to 100%. 09H16 Bio4Pack from Haaksbergen, The Netherlands, is proud to present a new generation of bio-packaging. During the interpack 2011 the company Bio4Pack shows new high-end barrier-packaging with the biggest amount of renewable resources. “With this product line we open a new range of packaging solutions for products which need to be packed with a high oxygen barrier like sausage, cheese, meat and coffee, “says Patrick Gerritsen, General Manager of Bio4Pack. All products of Bio4Pack are made from raw materials with a high content of renewable recourses which comply fully with European standard EN 13432 and US standard ASTM D6400. The product range comprises PLA, Flow wrap, Natureflex, sugar cane products and starch based products. 9H10 Headquartered in Finland, Huhtamaki is the first company to launch a complete range of compostable foodservice packaging under the trade name BioWare. Biodegradable BioWare products generally consist of the renewable resource PLA or are starch-based. All BioWare materials are compostable and certified to DIN EN 13432. Its range of products includes single-use drink cups, plates, containers and cutlery. In addition, Huhtamaki Films offers, with its two decades of experience in biodegradable film production, a variety of thin and thick films. At interpack Huhtamaki Films will present its holistic concept with regards to its sustainable film developments. “We consider every available option which contributes to a better environment. REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE are as important key drivers as the REPLACEment of fossil based raw materials by renewable resources. For that reason we always consider the best possible solution depending on the customer’s needs and applications.” 9E03 PolyOne’s polymer solutions expertise allows them expand the potential for biopolymers into application areas formerly out of reach. Their global capabilities in color and additive concentrates, thermoplastic elastomers, and specialty polymer compounding allow them to develop an ever-widening range of bio-related sustainable solutions for applications from healthcare to transportation, packaging to electronics, and alternative energy to appliances. In addition to polymer solutions, PolyOne also offers a new generation of bio-based plasticizers for a wide range of applications. At the Interpack fair, PolyOne will feature a new line of additive masterbatches which is especially tailored to improve the transparency and opaque impact resistance of PLA as well as the processing needs of biodegradable films. 09E17 28 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/11] Vol. 6

interpack Preview BIOSPHERE is a company specializing in bioplastic resins. Falling oil reserves and growing demands for a greener environment are opening the door to the new potential provided by biomass-produced plastics. Bioplastics can and will replace current plastics for numerous applications and trigger the emergence of new areas of use. Biosphere is pushing this advance in the fields of research and development, technical applications and the whole marketing chain for new generations of bioplastic products. Thus Biosphere develops Bioplast resins with five major products covering a wide number of both rigid and flexible product applications with high mechanical properties and similar to crude oil based thermoplastic materials: • Flexible applications: Film for bags, flexible packaging for food and non-food • Rigid applications using thermoforming • Injection moulding applications Biosphere pursues a number of missions: • Developing new technical and industrial applications • Improving manufacturing processes • Providing technical and commercial expertise • Delivering advice and support • Giving the right response to each partner and contact worldwide Minima Technology Co. Ltd. has built its research and development centre to include a broad range of mechanical options which give prospective clients flexibility when discussing environmental options. A family of like-minded companies in different fields of processing expertise assist Minima Technology with manufacture is required. The options available include: • Extrusion • Printing • Conversion • Resin compounding • Thermoforming • Blow moulding • Injection moulding • Physical/Chemical foaming Minima Technology Co. Ltd. has the ability to assist in the consultation, supply or manufacture, Implementation and after sales servicing of environmental programs whether it be large or small, to achieve the goal of a better environment for all. With global partners all around the world we are in the strongest position to assess and assist in most eventualities. 09G08 09D18 bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/11] Vol. 6 29

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