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Application News

Application News Naturalmente Cosmestics ‘Naturalmente‘ is a brand created and registered in Europe in 2004 by the Italian company Artec, whose logistic and head offices are based in Brescia and research, innovation, development and production laboratory in Tuscany. The company is specialized in vegetal cosmetic products for hair, body and environment derived derived from the botanical kingdom: plants, flowers, roots, seeds, oils, fruits, spices and resins cultivated in their countries of origin, from all over the world, with biological, biodynamic and spontaneous agricultural. Thanks to a continuous research of sustainable ingredients and materials, Naturalmente has made a responsible choice: converting 22 bottles from polypropylene to Ingeo PLA bottles. For its launch about 30.000 pieces have been distributed in hairstyling shops. An annual consumption of 115.000 pieces is expected. The bottle of 250 ml, which is opaque, is made from PLA while the cap still is in polypropylene. There is no label on the packaging, all information is printed directly on the bottle. Product shelf life is 12 months. Green Cups in the Skies over Asia High technology lies behind a seemingly simple innovation led by All Nippon Airways (ANA), which aims to be the number one airline group in Asia and also to be a leader of environmental action in the aviation industry. ANA’s passengers will now enjoy their drinks in an Ingeo natural plastic cup. The cup was planned and developed jointly by NatureWorks and ANA for ANA’s fourth environmental flights campaign, ‘e-flight‘, which went from October 1 - 31, 2009. The drinking cups consist of NatureWorks’ Ingeo PLA. ANA held its first ‘e-flight‘ campaign in 2006. Under the catchphrase “Think about the earth and human beings”, the fourth ‘e-flight‘ promotes these public awareness initiatives that feature eco-friendly services and products like the PLA cup in addition to other steps, which include wine in PET bottles and an optional passenger carbon offset program. The programs will enable ANA to realize its environmental goals both on the ground and in flight. Plans call for the Ingeo natural plastic cup to be used on all the domestic flights in Japan and for coach class passengers on the Narita-Singapore route as a part of ‘e-flight‘ programs. ANA group is an innovator in environmental action. The company has set targets to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2011 with its domestic flights in Japan, and has been saving fuel during the flights to achieve this corporate goal. In addition, ANA is deeply involved in a number of forest and marine environment restoration projects. As a result of these activities, ANA was the first company in the aviation industry to be certified as an ‘Eco-First Company‘ by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment. “The new ANA Ingeo plastic drinking cups will give airline passengers the opportunity to hold a product symbolic of greater sustainability through innovative thinking and technology,” said Marc Verbruggen, president and CEO, NatureWorks LLC. “We are proud to have Ingeo playing a role in the ANA e-flight program.” BP Consulting, Japan, headed by President Takeyuki Yamamatsu, an unwavering advocate for sustainability and sustainable products, also worked closely with both ANA and NatureWorks to develop, produce, and implement the Ingeo plastic cups concept. - MT 34 bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/09] Vol. 4

New Sunglasses made from Clear Bio-Polyamide Sport and fashion sunglasses (photo) have become high performance objects by being adapted to consumer‘s comfort and fashion evolution. Glass frames are subjected to various requirements like expanded decoration possibilities, lightness and comfort. They must also be easy to process while having excellent chemical and stress cracking-resistance. At the Outdoor Retailer Summer fair in Salt Lake City, Utah last summer Smith Optics ® and Arkema unveiled the new ‘Evolve’ sunglasses collection using Rilsan ® Clear G830 Rnew. Rilsan Clear G830 Rnew offers all the necessary characteristics to provide Smith Optics with the required quality for their new ‘Evolve’ sunglasses collection: optimal comfort, lightness, good impact resistance, superior durability, and nice flexibility. A total of 20 new ‘Evolve’ sunglass frame models are made entirely of Rilsan Clear G830 Rnew, a bio-renewable sourced polymer derived from castor oil. This new collection perfectly fits in with Smith Optics‘s durable eco-design strategy. Rilsan Clear G830 Rnew uses 54% bio-based raw material, thus helping reduce CO 2 emissions. It naturally offers the same key benefits as classical Rilsan Clear G350, namely a combination of key properties such as chemical resistance and mechanical performance. It allows new design possibilities for injection-molded eyewear, especially thanks to its easy processing and its higher flexibility increasing comfort of wear and durability. The use of Rilsan Clear G830 Rnew in the new Smith Optics models marks the start of a new adventure and a close collaboration between Arkema and Smith Optics. Hair Care Products in PLA bottles Nature‘s Organics began in the late 1950‘s as a small business pioneering naturally based products, such as bath cubes, hair colourants, and various toiletry ranges in Australia. Since then it has rapidly become the forefront of the business. The company provides their consumers with a choice of naturally enriched products that are pure, gentle and effective. They use plant-derived ingredients as far as possible that helps to produce extremely efficient, biodegradable formulas. All products are stringently controlled to reduce unnecessary waste of non-renewable resources, offering ‘Sustainable development through responsible environmental management’. In early 2008, Nature‘s Organics introduced an Ingeo PLA bottle which offers an improved environmental footprint. With the continued success of this brand and proven track record of the Ingeo bottle, Nature‘s Organics has begun exporting this organic hair care line to Europe as well. The company produces the PLA bottles in their Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia factory. bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/09] Vol. 4 35

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