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Plastics For Your Future

Plastics For Your Future Another New Resin For a Better World BIO-FLEX ® For Deep Freeze Packaging FKuR Kunststoff GmbH | Siemensring 79 | D - 47877 Willich Tel.: +49 (0) 21 54 / 92 51-0 | Fax: +49 (0) 21 54 / 92 51-51 |

Smoking a PLA-pipe? ... Well, not exactly. (For details see page 33) Editorial dear readers This has been a busy autumn, with lots of exhibitions and conferences, the biggest one that I attended being the European Bioplastics Conference with about 380 bioplastics experts meeting in Berlin. Packaging is still the largest field of applications, as can be seen from the huge section ’films, flexibles, bags‘ in this issue. But durable applications are not far behind. Thus our second editorial focus is on ‘consumer electronics‘. In the basics section we cover ‘anaerobic digestion‘ or ‘biogasification‘ and we shed light on the important issue of ‘quantity, quality and comparability of material properties‘. In order to give true comparability it is essential that the standards used are clearly stated together with specifications that are quoted. Coverphoto courtesy alesco And finally we received the promised article on ‘oxo-biodegradable plastics‘. I think it is remarkable that the author, Professor Scott, clearly states that oxobiodegradable plastics are not marketed for composting, nor are they designed for anaerobic digestion or landfill. Oxo-biodegradable plastic addresses the problem caused by plastic waste which gets accidentally or deliberately into the open environment - i.e. littering. As always, this issue also brings you a number of industry news items and details of new applications. For next year I once again encourage all companies offering bioplastics products or services to contribute to the magazine with articles, news, or statements of opinion. On page 45 you will find the editorial calendar with all editorial focus subjects for 2010, as well as the editorial deadlines. I hope you enjoy reading this issue of bioplastics MAGAzINE. Yours Michael Thielen bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/09] Vol. 4 3

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