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Application News Green

Application News Green Packaging Line A new ‘Green Packaging Line‘ of products has been recently developed by Smurfit Kappa, Orsenigo, Italy, a leading company specialised in the sector of innovative cardboard based packaging. It has adopted a new technology offered by Novamont, Italy and Iggesund Paperboard, a leading company active in the sector of high quality coated boards, headquartered in Iggesund, Sweden. World’s First Bioplastic Eyeglasses Japanese Companies Teijin Limited and Teijin Chemicals Limited announced the development of eyeglass frames made from plant-based, heat-resistant PLA BIOFRONT, the world’s first bioplastic to be used for all plastic parts of eyeglass frames, including the temples. The frames were developed in collaboration with Tanaka Foresight Inc., Higashi-Sabae City, Japan, which manufactures and sells approximately 60% of all plastic eyeglass parts in Japan. The new Biofront frames will be exhibited at the Tanaka Foresight booth during the International Optical Fair Tokyo (IOFT 2009) at Tokyo Big Sight from October 27 to 29. Tanaka Foresight eventually expects to sell between 50,000 and 100,000 pairs of PLA eyeglasses per year. Although acetate is commonly used for the plastic parts of eyeglasses, contact with cosmetics or hairstyling products can result in bleaching. Acetate also tends to warp under high heat and can cause skin rashes. PLA (polylactide) has been used for eyeglass nose pads because its antibacterial properties help to avoid rashes, but conventional PLA has not been used for other parts such as frames and temples because of insufficient heat resistance. Biofront, however, is an advanced polylactide that offers enhanced heat resistance. Its melting point of 210 °C puts it on par with PBT, a leading engineering plastic. Biofront also is highly resistant to bleaching and bacteria, making it ideal for the plastic parts of eyeglasses. This new rigid packaging line, which comprises trays, punnets and containers for fresh and frozen food, bakery, confectionary and others, is based on the virgin fibre paperboard Invercote, coated through extrusion coating technology with a compostable Mater-Bi polymer. This special coating brings various technical properties to the cardboard, like an excellent sealability, good thermal stability and water, oil and fat protection. Given these properties, Smurfit Kappa Orsenigo is able to supply a wide range of products for cold and hot, dry and wet food packaging applications, in the retail, catering and Ho.Re.Ca. (=Hotel/Restaurant/Café) areas, like: Deep frozen packaging, trays and punnets for ready cut salad or fresh fruits or vegetables, ready meals and take away containers, fresh cheese and dairy products, sweets, chocolate, bakery. Moreover, several non food applications can be taken into consideration, like agro-floricultural ones, customised gifts, wear packaging. Besides being food contact approved, biodegradable and compostable (according to EN13432), the ‘Green Packaging Line’ products may also be disposed in the paper stream, because the Mater-Bi coating has been designed as well in order to meet the paper and cardboard recycling requirements. The result is an extremely versatile and sustainable range of products, because of its multiple end of life options. 24 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/09] Vol. 4

The ‘Green‘ Shaver Application News Established in 1945, the Société BIC is a Clichy, France based, well recognized one-time-use products manufacturer. The company specialises in ballpoint pens, cigarette lighters, razors and many more such products. The BIC Group is committed to a pragmatic approach when it comes to materials which have a better environment performance: to experiment them. This is why the company started to implement different material alternatives in their products and packaging recycled or coming from renewable resources. This is the case for example for the new BIC ECOLUTIONS triple blade shaver with its bioplastic handle and its 100% recycled cardboard packaging. After 5 years of research, BIC succeeded to develop a handle made with Ingeo T PLA and other additives that resists to the constraints of shaving. In addition bio-pigments of vegetable origin give this shaver a distinct green color and the recycled pack is printed with bio inks made of vegetable based pigments (soy). Consumers usually perceive ‘green‘ products as expensive. However with a suggested retail price of €3.20 per pack of four shavers, BIC ® ecolutions remains affordable to everyone. - MT Eco-Conscious Parenting Solutions Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc, Columbus, Indiana, USA, the largest juvenile products manufacturer in the USA, recently launched its Safety 1st ® Nature Next collection as part of its ongoing initiative to focus on the environment. The special collection addresses a growing concern among parents who want to provide quality products for their children that incorporate eco-conscious materials. “We recognize the need – and our customers’ desire – to make products that help keep children safe and healthy,“ said Vinnie D’Alleva, EVP Business Development at Dorel, “but with a view to maximizing the environmental benefits. We are also pleased to bring the collection to retail at an accessible price point that all parents can appreciate.” The Nature Next collection features the following ecoconscious materials, such as bamboo, a quick-growing and renewable resource. It is able to rapidly replenish itself, making it a great alternative to traditional woods. In addition, bamboo can thrive with little water and does not require the use of fertilizers or pesticides, further reducing its environmental impact.Bioplastics: The starches used in the Nature Next collection’s items are all plant byproducts, not crops that could otherwise be used as a food source. Dorel also applies recycled plastics. The line currently includes a Bamboo Booster Seat (photo), Bamboo Gate, Bio-Plastic Infant-to-Toddler Bathtub, Bio- Plastic Booster and Bio-Plastic 3-in-1 Potty. bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/09] Vol. 4 25

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