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Application-News In conjunction with the new 62N BioTAK contact adhesive, German company Herma is offering a unique adhesive material that is 100 % biodegradable. Located in Filderstadt near Stuttgart, Herma GmbH is a leading European specialist in self-adhesive technology. The new contact adhesive satisfies the European standard DIN EN 13432 which certifies products made from compostable materials. A white, lightweight coated paper and three different films are available as the label material. The patented 62N BioTAK contact adhesive is used on all of them. “Biodegradable materials based on renewable raw materials have already had a huge impact on the packaging materials sector,“ explains Herma managing director Dr. Thomas Baumgärtner. “Consumers are already showing a growing interest in where packagings come from, and whether they can be reused; natural cosmetics, fruit and vegetable packagings and all the products in the burgeoning organic sector are good examples of this trend.“ Fully Compostable Self-Adhesive Labels HERMAnaturefilms – films made from wood In the certification procedure, the HERMAnaturefilms widely exceeded the requirements. To comply with EN 13432, 90 % of the material must have biodegraded after 45 days. The HERMAnaturefilms achieved this value after only 31 days and were fully degraded after 39 days. The special films are obtained from cellulose supplied by FSC-certified companies (from sustainable forestry). The films can be printed using solvent-free and water and UV-based inks by all conventional printing methods; they are antistatic and repel oil and grease. Paper converters also benefit from the high moisture and oxygen barrier. “The film is already used as a packaging material by a large number of major food manufacturers and packaging companies. With labels made from our HERMAnaturefilms, these packaging materials are now fully compostable,“ stresses Baumgärtner. Thanks to the high gloss level, they even meet the sophisticated needs of cosmetics packagings. Labels using BioTAK adhesive (Photo: courtesy BioTAK) The biodegradable adhesive material is a further addition to HERMA‘s ‘GreenLine’ product range. Just recently the company included PEFC-certified paper adhesives and label papers in its offering. “In this way label manufacturers will now be able to take even greater advantage of the growing demand for environmentally friendly packagings and marking systems,“ states Baumgärtner. 22 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/09] Vol. 4

Biobased and Compostable Shrink Film Application News Sustainable and compostable, metallised NatureFlex NM wraps Dr Vie Inc’s nutritional products Nutritional Canadian Products Canadian company, Dr Vie Inc, is wrapping its entire range of nutritional ‘superfood’ products in metalized NatureFlex NM film from Innovia Films, Wigton, Cumbria, UK. Based in Montréal, Québec, Dr Vie Inc is a family-owned business managed by a mother and daughter team. A family history of ill health inspired their mission to create powerful low-allergenic superfoods that stimulate wellness, enhance a feeling of well-being and prevent illness. The company’s 100% all-natural products are lowglycemic, high in antioxidants, essential omegas and fatty acids. The product line includes a variety of pure cacao products, antioxidant-rich goji berry and acai berry raw chocolate bars, sports nutrition bars and frozen desserts. Dr Vie Inc has recently partnered with a global team of elite sports, IronMan and Olympic team coaches and their products are now available worldwide online to athletes, in addition to Canadian health food, sports, wellness centres and speciality stores. Dr Vie Inc individually cuts and shapes the roll of NatureFlex film to wrap each product at their factory. According to company founder, Dr Vie, NatureFlex is an ideal packaging choice: “Our company’s goal is to promote wellness, optimise individual performance and protect the planet in the process. NatureFlex is fully sustainable and aligns beautifully with our core values”. The high barrier against water vapour (WVTR

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