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News Bioplastics Awards

News Bioplastics Awards 2009 Now in its fourth year, European Plastics News (Crain Communications) announce the Bioplastics Awards as the only global initiative to recognise achievement in the field of bio-sourced polymers. As media partner of the event and member of the judging panel bioplastics MAGAZINE encourages all readers to supply suggestions for the Bioplastics Awards 2009. The entry deadline is Friday 18th September 2009. Categories recognise innovation in R&D or processing, reward outstanding applications in packaging and nonpackaging markets, acknowledge imaginative marketing concepts, and highlight the role of retailers and individuals in the development of the bioplastic marketplace. The categories are carefully selected to provide bioplastics developers, producers, processors and end-users with the perfect opportunity to direct the spotlight onto their achievements. Best Innovation in Bioplastics Recognising innovation in the bioplastics sector, this category is open to any company or organisation. Judging will be determined on innovation, novelty and potential benefit to the future development and/or commercialisation of bioplastics. Best Bioplastics Processor Open to any company processing bioplastics, this category will be judged on the quality of the product being manufactured, its innovation, marketing effort and customer service. Best Bioplastics Application – Packaging Open to any bioplastics product used in a food packaging application. Products can be entered by anyone involved in the development, with judging determined on innovation, market impact, customer response and sustainability. Best Bioplastics Application – Non-Packaging Open to any bioplastics product used in a non-packaging application. Products can be entered by anyone involved in the development, with judging determined on innovation, market impact, customer response and sustainability. Best Bioplastics Marketing Initiative Open to material producers, processors, brand owners and end users. Entries will be judged on impact, clarity of message, focus and effectiveness. Best Bioplastics Retailer/Brand Owner Open to any retailer or brand owner bringing products to the market using bioplastics. Judging will be determined on enthusiasm for bioplastics, profile achieved, market support and impact. Key consideration will be given to how the entrant has addressed sustainability issues. Personal Contribution to the Bioplastics Industry This is a special award given by the European Plastics News editorial team to an individual that has made an outstanding contribution to the development of the bioplastics sector. Where and when A shortlist will be compiled and published in November 2009. Winners will be announced online in December 2009 and published in the following editions of European Plastics News and bioplastics MAGAZINE. Winners certificates will be mailed in January 2010 - MT PURAC Receives Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award PURAC, a leading lactides producer for the bioplastics industry, has been awarded, together with its partners Sulzer Chemtech and Synbra Technology, the 2008 Frost & Sullivan European Polylactic Production Technology Innovation of the Year Award. This prestigious award recognizes PURAC’s innovations in the area of polylactic acid based (PLA) bioplastics. Together with Sulzer Chemtech and Synbra Technology, PURAC has developed a new cost-effective polymerization process to produce highquality polylactic acid from a renewable source which can subsequently be converted into a variety of value added applications such as expanded PLA based biofoam (see bM 05/2008 and 01/2009). bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/09] Vol. 4

European Bioplastics Says “No“ to Oxo‘s News Industry association European Bioplastics has published a position paper distancing itself from the so-called ‘oxobiodegradable’ industry. The paper sheds some light on the ‘oxo’-technology, its failure to live up to international established and acknowledged standards that effectively substantiate claims on biodegradation and compostability, and the implications resulting from the different approaches. “Bioplastics are still a relatively young industry”, says Andy Sweetman, Chairman of the Board of European Bioplastics. “Inherent implications made on the environmental suitability of our products are subject to close scrutiny by all kinds of stakeholders. It is, therefore, vital that claims on biodegradability or compostability are backed by internationally accepted standards”, he adds. “We just cannot allow that the public, who are generally very sensitive to ecological issues, be further confused by claims on biodegradability and compostability resulting from conflicting approaches. If certain products that claim to be biodegradable or compostable are proven not to fulfil acknowledged standards, this is liable to impact negatively on our own members’ products, even though they do fully comply”, Sweetman further states. It should, under all circumstances, be avoided that products carrying the compostability mark of European Bioplastics, the seedling, be associated in any way with so-called ”oxo-biodegradable” products and the like. Products carrying the seedling (see page 9) have undergone rigorous independent testing beforehand. Only if proven to comply with the strict standards on biodegradability or compostability, such as ISO 17088, EN 13432 or other similar standards, can the tested material or product be awarded the seedling. “This is also why we so vigorously fought against the attempt of the ‘oxo-biodegradable’ industry to water-down the criteria of the EN 13432, requesting longer timeframes for materials to decompose. It would not have been in the public or the composting industry’s interest to have compromised the strict criteria of EN 13432 which ensures the materials are fit for purpose”, the chairman adds. “Fortunately, our position is fully shared by the experts of the plastic and packaging sectors, as was evident during the last meeting of the relevant Working Group of The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) on July 9, 2009, where the requests for revision of the standard were rejected.” In the next issue bioplastics MAGAZINE will publish extracts from the position paper, the complete version of which can be downloaded from interpack 2011 – Again a Promising Product Think-Tank Five years after the launch of the special show concept ‘Innovationparc‘ the bioplastics theme has become such an established fixture that it will form an integral part of the regular ranges on display at interpack in 2011 (to be held in Düsseldorf,Germany from 12 to 18 May). interpack is the world‘s most important trade fair for the packaging sector, including packaging in glass, metal and aluminium, paper and cardboard as well as conventional plastics, and its relevant processing industries. Bioplastics made their debut at the ‘Innovationparc Bioplastics in Packaging‘ in 2005 represented by 20 exhibitors on 250m² of rented exhibition space. Three years later this theme was featured four times as prominently at interpack 2008 with 40 companies on 1000 m². Commenting on this, Bernd Jablonowski, the Director of interpack, said: “The development of bioplastics over the past few years confirms our approach of using the innovationparcs to address trend themes that promise ‚substance‘ for the future.“ For interpack 2011, the association European Bioplastics expects further interest on the exhibitors‘ part. “Four months before registration documents are to be sent out, there are already signs of a doubling of the exhibition area occupied by the bioplastics industry compared to 2008,“ says Hasso von Pogrell, Managing Director at European Bioplastics. Companies wishing to exhibit in the Bioplastics segment of interpack 2011 can register with Messe Düsseldorf from October 2009 on (Mr Grosser, Tel.: +49211/4560-417, Official deadline for registrations is February 28, 2010. bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/09] Vol. 4

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