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9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Inches Week 0 Week 1 Week 2 Week 4 Week 8 bM: What are your future plans? TR: We‘ll continue listening to consumers. They want to be more environmentally friendly but they need simple solutions. If they chose bottled water for refreshment and hydration because it fits their lifestyle and needs, especially versus high sugar beverages, the simple choice is to chose a brand whose bottle does not use depleting, non renewable resources and has multiple recovery options. Why choose an oil based bottle when there’s a better environmental option and, you’re getting great tasting water? There‘s no difference in cost to making that decision and consumers feel like they‘re doing something for their environment and for their children‘s future environment. They want to feel less guilty about drinking bottled water and Primo is that solution. We‘ll keep looking for ways to bring environmentally friendly packaging to consumers while not sacrificing the convenience of bottled water and other beverages. And, we‘ll continue working with the industry on new, efficient and effective solutions to managing these new environmentally friendly materials, too. bM: Anything else you‘d like to add? TR: Everyone needs to realize that we must make changes in how we package consumer goods, especially food products. Some new packaging, using new innovative resins, might not be perfect today. But they also need to realize that there isn‘t any package today that is perfect either. Take little steps and be open to changes that are better for our environment today and tomorrow. We all need to be in this together. bM: Thank you very much, Mr. Ronan. Natalia, adorning our cover-photo in this issue, says: “Bottles made from renewable resources - a good idea! I work with Corvaglia, one of the leading suppliers of caps and closures for the beverage industry. We are also evaluating the use of bio-based plastics for our products.” 18 bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/09] Vol. 4

We balance it out. ...using the innovative technology of Uhde Inventa-Fischer You live and work according to a certain philosophy – and so do we. Uhde Inventa-Fischer has developed a perfect combination of giving the world innovating and sustainable technologies as well as making sure that investors profit through our knowledge. We are a leading company undertaking plant engineering for polyesters and polyamides, and also for polylactide (PLA). Uhde Inventa-Fischer GmbH Holzhauser Strasse 157–159 D-13509 Berlin Tel. +49 30 43 567 5 Fax +49 30 43 567 699 Uhde Inventa-Fischer AG Reichenauerstrasse CH-7013 Domat/Ems Tel. +41 81 632 63 11 Fax +41 81 632 74 03 Uhde Inventa-Fischer A company of ThyssenKrupp Technologies

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