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Application News

Application News Biodegradable Margarine Pack in Brazil Brazilian IraPlast Ltd., based in Iracemápolis, São Paulo, Brazil, has been the exclusive Cereplast representative for biodegradable resin in Brazil since 200. Cereplast‘s biodegradable resins are based on PLA supplied by Nature Works. One example of a packaging application made from the Cereplast grade TH-01-A is a margarine pack for a product called Cyclus - Nutrycell. The customer, Bunge Foods, is the first company in Brazil to introduce biodegradable packaging. The thermoformed containers are produced by Poly- Vac, a company belonging to a consortium of packaging manufactures working for Bunge Brazil. In this initial project the distribution will be local in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná, but later the whole Brazilian territory will be covered. Bunge Foods created the Cyclus margarine line based on the concept that the human body is formed of hundreds of millions of cells that should be taken care in an appropriate way by the consumption of nutrients and other bioelements. An environmentally-friendly pack that comes from renewable resources and is compostable after use, reflects the concept of the margarine line, namely to adopt a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. After their initial experience Bunge Foods intends to carry these packing concepts over to others product lines. Södra launches Parupu – a chair for kids Södra from Växjö, Sweden has developed a chair made from pulp in collaboration with design and architect firm Claesson Koivisto Rune. The chair is designed for children. It is durable and waterproof, despite having the look and feel of ordinary paper. It is recyclable, environmentally-friendly, stackable, colourful, and made for fun and games. The team’s objective from the start was to make something that felt like paper but with the durability normally associated with materials such as steel, wood or hard plastic. The architect and design firm had long wanted to make a chair from paper. Together with Södra and research company STFI Packforsk, Claesson Koivisto Rune experimented and tested the suitability of the material for use in a tough and practical chair for children. The chair has been named Parupu after the Japanese word for pulp. The material is a speciality pulp from Södra Cell combined with PLA which makes it an eco-friendly, recyclable material that can replace conventional plastic. The chair can be wiped clean, and is designed to last a childhood, withstanding a lot of play. The chair’s base material, which can be moulded and could potentially replace plastic in a number of applications, has been named DuraPulp. DuraPulp has the look and feel of paper. But a couple of millimetres in thickness is enough to support the weight of a person. It can be left outdoors for several years without degrading. 30 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/09] Vol. 4

Biobased elastomer in running shoes Looking for a Bio-Solution? Let PolyOne be your guide... Japanese company Mizuno, a leader in running footwear and apparel technology, has announced the use of a Pebax ® Rnew thermoplastic elastomer range for the Wave ® Technology plates in four models of high performance running shoes set to debut in 2009. The material supplied by Arkema is made from renewable resources, castor oil, and contributes to global warming reduction. The Pebax Rnew will be utilized in both men’s and women’s models of the Mizuno Wave Rider ® 12, Wave Inspire ® , Wave Creation ® 10, and Wave Nirvana ® . Until June 21 st our readers can win a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 12 at the 1 st website mentioned below, a website dedicated to sports applications. Georgia-Pacific Awards Major Contract to Cereplast Cereplast, Inc., Hawthorne, California, USA recently announced that it will supply Compostables ® resin to Georgia-Pacific Professional Food Services Solutions for the manufacture of its recently introduced line of Dixie EcoSmart beverage solutions. : Georgia-Pacific LLC., Atlanta, Georgia is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers and distributors of tissue, pulp, paper, packaging, building products and related chemicals. Dixie EcoSmart products include among other products Cereplast Compostables resin-lined paper hot cups made from at least 9 percent renewable resources which are designed to allow operators to enhance their environmental stewardship position. All Dixie EcoSmart products can be processed successfully in commercial composting operations. The Cereplast Compostables resin-lined paper hot cups are 100 percent compostable because the fiber portion and the coating are fully compostable. Cereplast Compostable resin contains Ingeo ® PLA supplied by NatureWorks. PolyOne’s cutting-edge portfolio of sustainable solutions can help you meet today’s challenges with renewable, recyclable, reusable, resource ef cient, eco-friendly materials. PolyOne Sustainable Solutions SM Portfolio BPA-free compounds Edgetek Copolyester Compounds - made with Eastman Tritan Copolyester Eco-friendly TPE’s OnFlex BIO Thermoplastic Elastomers Additives for bio-derived polymers OnCap BIO Additives & OnColor BIO Colorants Colorants for bio-derived polymers OnColor BIO Colorants Non-phthalate colorants OnColor BIO Colorants Non-phthalate vinyls Geon Vinyl Non-phthalate Vinyls CPSIA-compliant vinyls Geon Vinyl CPSIA-compliant Compounds Lead replacement compounds Gravi-Tech & Trilliant Polymer Composites Non-lead wire & cable systems Geon Vinyl Wire & Cable Compounds Halogen-free, non-corrosive polymer systems ECCOH Low Smoke and Fume, Zero Halogen Compounds Non-phthalate, vinyl-alternative, and water-based inks Wil ex Epic Series, Wil ex QuantumOne, & Wil ex Oasis To learn more about PolyOne’s Sustainable Solutions, please visit us at: bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/09] Vol. 4 31

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