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Preview BASF will of

Preview BASF will of course present its well established Ecoflex ® . The completely biodegradable and compostable plastic is ideal for trash bags or disposable packaging as it decomposes in controlled compost within a few weeks without leaving any residues. Ecoflex is certified according to ASTM 400, the European Standard EN 13432, the Canadian BNQ compostability standard and the Japanese standard GreenPla. Certification is very important for biodegradable materials, as it ensures materials will swiftly and safely biodegrade in the proper disposal environment. Being made of fossil resources the compostable Ecoflex is an enabler for renewable products, such as starches, natural fibers and PLA, by providing toughness and processability along with complete biodegradability under controlled composting conditions. W12120 DuPont - In addition to its highperformance renewably sourced engineering polymers Hytrel ® RS DuPont Engineering Polymers is now also announcing the full commercialization of DuPont Sorona ® EP thermoplastic resins and DuPont Zytel ® RS long chain nylons, making DuPont the company with the broadest range of renewably sourced engineering resins. bioplastics MAGAZINE already reported about Salomons’s new ‘Ghost’ freerider alpine skiboot using Hytrel RS for the collar. Another applications shown in bioplastics MAGAZINE was DENSO Corporation’s new automotive radiator end tank, marking the first use of DuPont renewably sourced plastic (Zytel 10 nylon) in mechanical components. DuPont’s new renewably sourced longchain nylons include Zytel PA 1010, which is 100 percent renewably sourced, and Zytel PA 10, which is more than 0 percent by weight renewably sourced. Seven different grades now are commercial. Sorona EP resins are available in glassreinforced and unreinforced grades and on average contain 3 percent renewable content by weight. Sorona EP is an engineering polyester resin and performs and processes similarly to PBT in molded automotive parts, electrical components and industrial or consumer goods. W113011 PSM - Teinnovations Inc./PSM North America presents the full line of PSM bio-resin. Grades are available for injection molding, extrusion/ thermoforming, blown film, and foaming processes. Resins are certified by BPI and are ASTM and EN compliant for compostability. Being starch based, PSM resin is ideally suited for a wide range of products including high temperature applications - even microwavable food containers. PSM can be run as a stand alone resin to maximize the sustainable/ biodegradable effect of finished goods or it can be blended with other additives or many other plastics if a 100% pure PSM part is not required. In fact, even a small percentage of PSM can be added to an existing plastic product to increase its green value with little or no impact to price or performance. New this year is PSM HL-301 blown film grade resin, able to produce high-strength flexible films and bags without blending or additives. Also on display will be a variety of PSM finished product to demonstrate the resin’s abilities, including cutlery, dinnerware, golf tees, industrial and construction items, packaging solutions, bags, and more. W100038 The SPI Bioplastics Council, a special interest group recently launched by SPI: the Plastics Industry Trade Association, is leading several exciting activities at NPE. The SPI Bioplastics Council provides a forum for resin and additive suppliers, as well as processors and equipment suppliers, to promote the development of bioplastics as an integral part of the plastics industry. The Council is sponsoring the ‘Business of Bioplastics’ educational session on Tuesday, June 23. The session will include presentations about new bioplastics technologies, recent government activities impacting the bioplastics industry as well as a panel discussion entitled ‘Bioplastics: An Opportunity for Everyone.’ Find more details about the presentations at The Council also will be exhibiting in the Emerging Technologies Pavilion in ‘Technology Central’ located in the new McCormick West Hall. The Bioplastics Council’s focus at the show will center on its mission on education and promoting this industry’s growth. ETP / W12b 22 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/09] Vol. 4

Preview The Biopolymers and Biocomposites Research Team (BBRT) at Iowa State University promotes research and development of new formulations and processes for biorenewable polymers and composites. BBRT focuses on renewable oils polymerization, protein-based plastics processing, protein-based adhesives, and cellulosic-based composites. The team has a broad range of knowledge including polymer chemistry, characterization, and processing. At NPE2009, BBRT will display samples including flowerpots made from plant protein; biobased coatings and adhesives; and composites made from natural oils, fibers, and agricultural co-products. The team will also demonstrate their Bioplastics Footprint Analysis Software. It allows users to compare petrochemical and biobased plastics and calculate the overall processing costs, energy requirements, and greenhouse gas emissions. The software compares the costs and eco-profile of plastic parts from different materials using the specific parameters for each part. Evonik Industries - With the development of VESTAMID ® Terra, Evonik is presenting a new member of its Vestamid family: a group of new polyamides, the monomers for which are based entirely or partly on renewable raw materials. Vestamid Terra DS is based on polyamide 1010 and is the polycondensation product of 1,10-decamethylene diamine (D) and 1,10- decanedioic acid (sebacic acid-S). Because both monomers are extracted from castor oil, Vestamid Terra DS is a material that is based 100 percent on natural resources. Technically speaking,VestamidTerra DS occupies a position between the high-performance long-chain polyamides such as PA 12 and PA 1212 and the standard polyamides PA and PA , which have a shorter chain length. Vestamid Terra HS partly made of renewable resources. It is based on polyamide 10. The material properties can be found between the highperformance polyamide 12 and the standard polyamides PA and PA . Like Vestamid Terra DS, Vestamid Terra HS is semicrystalline and thus has high mechanical resistance and chemical stability. S02 Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) announces its ability to produce small quantity extrusion prototypes for multilayer cast film and sheet products (including bioplastics) within two weeks. The company can also prototype a limited number of thermoforms. “We believe we are one of the first companies to offer film and sheet prototyping capability from small resin quantities—10 to 40 pounds. Moreover, we can deliver the prototypes faster than previously possible,” says Jason Haslow, project engineer, PTI. The prototyping capability includes up to three materials and five layers. Materials include, but are not limited to, polyethylene terephthalate, polypropylene and barrier polymers (such as ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer and nylon). Emerging biomaterials such as polylactic acid can also be prototyped. W11802 S2081 Jamplast Inc. is one of the largest distributors of raw plastic materials and biopolymers in North America. The Jamplast team will be exhibiting and presenting at NPE to help attendees have a better understanding about biopolymers and how to work through the decision-making process when considering the right products for their molding needs. At NPE the Jamplast team offers technical counsel and support that will help visitors identify material-based solutions. Jamplast also particpates in a Panel Forum: ‘Biopolymers and Sustainability Revealed‘: There remains a cloud of uncertainty around the ‘sustainability’ buzzword when it comes to success, performance, profitability and where to get started. The panel of speakers will address the challenges, opportunities and uncertainties about biopolymers. (Find more details about the presentations at Jamplast is an authorized distributor of NatureWorks biopolymers, Cereplast biopolymers and JER Envirotech biocomposites. W1304 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/09] Vol. 4 23

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